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celebrate banana lovers' day muddy's banana pudding!

August 27 is Banana Lovers' Day, though as far as we're concerned at Muddy's Bake Shop, every day is Banana Lovers' Day! We love bananas here just like you, ESPECIALLY in the form of Muddy's Banana Puddin'. We are so in love with our banana pudding, in fact, that we stock it every day of every week.

Chances are high that if you're reading this, you're from the South, and therefore, you probably have some idea of what banana pudding should be. And let me assure you, this is it. Rich, creamy vanilla pudding--with just enough fluff to keep it from being overly heavy--is layered with fresh slices of banana and Nilla Wafers, topped with whipped cream, and finally garnished with Nilla wafer crumbs, for a perfectly textured banana-and-cream taste sensation. You can treat yourself to this vacation for your mouth on your lunch break whether you live in East Memphis or Midtown, OR you can click HERE to order a family-sized Banana Puddin' for the whole crew!

Happy Banana Lovers' Day!

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featured flavors: saying a fond farewell to our summer 2016 menu (that means get your hummingbird cupcake this week, y'all!)

While the Memphis weather may have not gotten the memo, autumn is almost upon us, my friends. That means next week, beginning Monday, August 29, we bid a fond farewell to Muddy's 2016 Summer Menu. Many tears may be shed, but don't worry! They'll dry up quickly when you see what we have in store for you.

But in the meantime, it's time for a trip to Muddy's to say one last delicious goodbye to your favorite summertime treats! Let's take a look back at some of the good times (and flavors) we've shared over the past few months ...

Jumbleberry Pie ... Fresh summer berries are baked up in buttery, flaky goodness. In the case every day this week! Read more about it HERE.

Hummingbird Cupcakes ... The southern classic finally became a cupcake this summer! Our banana-pineapple-pecan cupcakes are topped with fluffy cream cheese and toasty pecans. In the case this every day this week! Read more about them HERE.

Orange Cream Cupcakes ... A 2015 debut, the Orange Cream Cupcake was brought back this summer by popular demand. And no surprise there! Our tender vanilla cake is topped with creamy citrus buttercream for a combo reminiscent of childhood ice cream truck-chasing days. In the case Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday this week!

Key Lime Cupcakes ... Our fluffy cream cheese tops moist cake packed with real key lime juice, and is completed with a sprinkle of graham cracker crumbs. In the case Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week. Read more about 'em HERE!

Razzle Dazzle Cupcakes ... Our classic combination of raspberry buttercream and chocolate cake is rocking its recent makeover with a luscious chocolate drizzle on top. In the case Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week. Read more about them right HERE.

Almond Brothers ... And finally, this summer also brought you the perfect almond cake + almond buttercream you've been waiting for all your life. In the case Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday this week. Read more about them HERE!

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celebrate 901 day with best best of memphis (including muddy's of course) at exposure!

At Muddy's, we believe in celebrating what you love: your mother's birthday, your grandparents' anniversay, your daughter's graduation, and this wonderful city we share! Do you know how you will celebrate 901 Day (also known as September 1) yet? Well, our plans are made, and yours are about to be, too. We invite you to spend it with us at the only place to be on 9/01: Exposure on 901, at AutoZone Park!

Beginning at 6 PM on Thursday evening, AutoZone Park will be packed with the best of Memphis: including Muddy's, more than 150 other businesses and organizations, and you! Entertainment from the likes of Ballet Memphis to the Grizzline will abound, along with demos, giveaways, and all the information you could ever hope to find about what's going on in your city and how to plug yourself in wherever you belong. Of course, no celebration is complete without food: that's where we come in with the baked goods you already love. You'll find savory treats too, and beverages of all sorts. And this is one party you won't want to slip out of early: be sure to stay for the fireworks at the end!

It's no secret that Muddy's loves Memphis, and we are more than proud to be a part of this city. We hope you'll come and help us celebrate it on 901 Day at Exposure, hosted by the New Memphis Institute and iBank. Learn more and RSVP HERE!

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featured flavor: our whole brand spanking new coffee menu (including new coffee cups + 2 new drip coffees)!

If you've come to see us already at Muddy's Midtown this week, you've probably already noticed something different. Actually, a lot of things different. There's so much new and exciting awesome happening at the Grind House (the coffee bar inside Muddy's Midtown), that I can't even. I will start with the first thing most will see.

a brand new coffee menu

Don't worry, your old favorites are still here. Our new coffee menu simply offers you even more options plus a whole lot of improvements to our classic drink options (stay tuned over the next few weeks to learn more about our new drink offerings, or come taste them for yourself)! When we opened our second Muddy's location in Midtown in 2014, we gnomies approached the exciting new territory of coffee with a learning mindset. We've been sure to keep that mindset alive over the past two years, seeking comments and suggestions from you, our valuable customers, and learning from both our successes as well as our mistakes.

One of the main differences you'll see in our new and improved coffee menu is the tweaks to recipes to bring them closer in alignment to traditional ratios for the best possible flavor balance. We loved our classic drinks before, but oh my stars! We had no idea a latte could taste this good until we tried it made this way!

You may also notice that the price of your go-to beverage may have gone up or down a wee bit. We've carefully corrected our pricing to reflect the true costs of the recipes, as well as to take into consideration some improvements in our beverage sizing. Which is where our second new major improvement comes in ...

brand new coffee cups

Pictured above, clockwise from the front: espresso con panna in the gray cup, a latte in the blue cup, a mocha in the red cup, and a large cappuccino in the green cup.

We are swooning over the colors of our new branded mugs! Beyond their smashing good lucks, we are super excited to introduce our new cups because the sizing allows us to keep the ratios of our regular and large drinks identical and identically delicious. Yay!

But if drip coffee is your thang, you may be wondering ... anything new for me? 

two new drip coffees

And finally, it's time for our periodic change in our featured drip roasts!

Bow Truss Coffee Roaster's Canopy Blend ... Our new medium-dark roast is from Bow Truss, a name that's likely familiar to you. We've been so infatuated with their Decaf Brazil Almendras that we've not switched it out for over a year--it's a keeper, for sure! And the Canopy Blend is every bit as a high quality of a brew. The exact origins of the beans vary from season to season, as Bow Truss carefully selects for consistent quality and flavor profile to keep this signature blend an "approachable ... comforting and delectable cup". A rich coffee with hints of dark chocolate, cherry, and peach, this coffee is all you've dreamed a cup of coffee should be: no bitterness allowed.

Blueprint Coffee's Tekton V.3 ... You've also seen the Blueprint name around these parts before: these guys are good too. With notes of chocolate syrup, citrus, florals, and nuts, this blend of sweet Nicaraguan beans with complex Ethiopian varieties combines to create a cup you should plan to refill again and again. The Tekton V.3 tastes familiar yet delightfully interesting and different.

We look forward to seeing you this week at both of our Muddy's locations! We encourage you to pair your coffee with some summertime pie--don't forget, our seasonal menu turnover is just around the corner. Huzzah!

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