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bags of coffee + pie = thanksgiving win!

Unfortunately for many Americans, the holiday prep that falls on the fourth Wednesday of every November makes it one of the most stressful days of the year. We hope you aren't one of those Americans! At the very least, even if you didn't get your order into us in time, you can still get your Muddy's fix by visiting us tomorrow at either location, where we will have a full case of the usual cupcake, cookie, and scone-type goodies PLUS a number of grab-n-go items including a few of our incredibly popular Shady Wake Pies and Punkin' Pies. They go fast every year, so be sure to come early, folks! Also, if you haven't heard the news, our doors will close early on Thanksgiving eve, Wednesday, November 25 at 6pm, so don't wait until after dinner to see us!

As our old friends already know, we have a tradition here in the Muddy's community of closing our shop not only Thanksgiving day but for the entire Thanksgiving weekend to give all our gnomies every bit of time possible to spend at home with their loved ones. You have always been awesomely understanding of this need of our gnomies, but we know it may be a little harder this year to live without the coffee fix you've grown accustomed to enjoying with your Muddy's goodies by now. Well, take courage, friends: you CAN have your Muddy's coffee fix at home all Thanksgiving weekend long!

First off, any coffee tastes better in our awesomely awesome Muddy's Gnome Mugs, available at both locations. They also make fabulous hostess gifts, whether you're being hosted by a proud Memphian or by a loved one far away who needs a little taste of Memphis in their lives.

Holy coffee beans, Batman! We've got bags of 'em! The selection is different at each of our locations: our East Memphis store proudly offers our delicious one-of-a-kind Gnome Sweet Gnome roast by J. Brooks while you'll find the same Zingerman's Espresso Blend #1 we serve behind the counter at Midtown Muddy's on the shelves at our location on Cooper, along with the delightful J. Brooks HUB Blend, from which $2 of every purchase goes toward Hospitality HUB's work with the homeless of Memphis.

 And finally, we know you can't live without your Muddy's signature Cold Brew Coffee, so we've made sure you don't have to over Thanksgiving weekend! Get you some Wednesday, and it will last you all weekend long!

Happy Thanksgiving from Muddy's, everyone! We hope you enjoy your leftover breakfast pie and morning coffee on Friday every bit as much as that turkey (or Tofurky) dinner itself.

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featured flavors: shady wake pie & pumpkin d'light cupcakes

Thanksgiving is THIS THURSDAY, y'all! I don't know about you, but I know I can't wait to sit down at the table with my family, reflect on all the good things we have to be thankful for this year, and eat some Muddy's. If you haven't placed your Thanksgiving order yet, don't panic: there's still time! But not much. Our order cutoff time for Thanksgiving treats (to be picked up Wednesday, November 25--we are closed on Thanksgiving Day of course!) is today, Monday, November 23 at 9 PM. So get that order in now! Click HERE to place your preorder online, or if you prefer to talk directly to a gnomie, we're only too happy to help! Just call 901.683.8844 to set up an order pick up at our East Memphis location on Sanderlin, or 901.443.4144 to set up an order pick up at our Midtown location on Cooper.

featured flavors!!!

Shady Wake Pie

It's just not Thanksgiving without pecan pie, and if you are a Memphian (or one of our lovely fans from the Greater Memphis Area), you know that your pecan pie has GOT to be our one-and-only Shady Wake Pie. A study in pie perfection, this one is a weekly customer favorite in our case all year round, but it's an absolute MUST HAVE for Thanksgiving week. If you've been around long enough, you're likely aware of the origins of Shady Wake's mysterious name. The story goes like this: Our recipe was crafted, fine-tuned, and tested to extreme measures to please the the ultimate connoisseur of pecan pie, Kat's dad, Mr. Shady Wake himself. With his name, he gives his stamp of approval to his daughter's bakery's pie as none other than the best pecan pie in the MidSouth. Make sure to guarantee it a spot on your Thanksgiving table: just click HERE to pre-order it today (Monday, November 22) by 9PM!

Pumpkin D'light Cupcakes

I may not have to say much about our Pumpkin D'light Cupcakes, as I know they've got a pretty major fan club already. But for the benefit of the uninitiated, imagine the most decadently moist, seasonally spiced pumpkin cake you can. Now imagine that topped with fluffy sweet and faintly tart cream cheese icing and a dusting of cinnamon and sugar, and see if you can handle living without that for one more day. No? Well, you're in luck because they're in the case this week at both locations at Muddy's Bake Shop! We highly recommend these if you need a pie alternative for your Thanksgiving dessert buffet: you know they will go fabulously with Aunt Clara's apple pie she makes every year, and they're a great thing to offer to those you love who just don't get the whole pie thing. Order yours by clicking HERE today (seriously, TODAY, y'all)!

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muddy's fall & winter seasonal drink menu

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and you know what I'm thankful for? I'm thankful for family and friends, Memphis and Muddy's, cupcakes and coffee! Yes, don't forget the coffee and other warm beverages that are absolutely vital to a happy holiday season. Muddy's entire seasonal drink menu is now available: check it out now!


Pumpkin Spice Latte... espresso + steamed milk + pumpkin + whipped cream + cinnamon garnish

You know your favorite coffee shop does your favorite fall drink best!

Salted Caramel Latte... espresso + steamed milk + rich caramel sauce + sea salt (whipped cream available for additional charge, but we HIGHLY recommend it!)

For the sweet tooths out there, and the salt lovers too. 

Cardamom Mocha... espresso + steamed milk + chocolate + cardamom

Cardamom does something magical to our already delicious traditional mocha.

Santa Baby Mocha... espresso + steamed milk + chocolate + peppermint

You've been asking for coffee versions of our classic cupcakes, so here ya go!


Pumpkin Chai Latte... chai tea + pumpkin + steamed milk

Our organic Rishi chai tea makes a fabulous latte and is incredible spiked with pumpkin!

Apple Chai-der... chai tea + apple cider

Our spiced apple cider and our Rishi chai tea were always meant to be. 

Caramel Apple Cider... apple cider + caramel + whipped cream + cinnamon stick garnish

You won't mind the weather with this beautiful beverage by your side: rich caramel sauce, warmly spiced apple cider, and whipped cream all garnished with a cinnamon stick.

Mexican Hot Chocolate... hot chocolate + vanilla + cayenne + cinnamon + whipped cream

This hot chocolate will keep you especially warm with its spicy kick. A customer favorite!

Hot Chocolate + Peppermint Stick... classic hot chocolate + whipped cream + peppermint stir stick

Our classic hot chocolate topped with whipped cream is extra special with the addition of a peppermint stir stick.

And for our complete Midtown Muddy's coffee menu, click HERE.

Now don't get so excited about yummy hot beverages that you forget to order your Thanksgiving treats! Monday night is the official cut off for Thanksgiving eve preorders, so don't delay! Call the 901.683.8844 to arrange your pick up at our East Memphis store, 901.443.4144 to arrange your Midtown pick up, or simply place your order by clicking HERE. Your Thanksgiving dessert table has never been so easy!

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featured flavors: sweet patootie pie & apple chai-der

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. WHAT?! How did that happen? Don't let it sneak up on you--don't forget to get your Thanksgiving order in today, friends. Click HERE to place your preorder online (very user friendly, y'all), or if you prefer to talk directly to a gnomie, we're only too happy to help! Just call 901.683.8844 to set up an order pick up at our East Memphis location on Sanderlin, or 901.443.4144 to set up an order pick up at our Midtown location on Cooper.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming...

featured flavors!!!

Featured Beverage: Hot Apple Chai-der

Just about every autumnal flavor you've been looking forward to all year is rolled up in one drink in our brand-spanking-new Apple Chai-der! It turns out that our Rishi Masala Chai tea that you already know and love combines perfectly with our high-quality subtly spiced apple cider (also available as a delicious in its own right) to make a cold-weather taste sensation. Seriously, this is the drink to keep you snuggly and warm all the way from toboggan to toes. Having a hard time imagining it? Think about a warmly spiced cup of black tea, add a healthy dose of apple and cinnamon, and you got it. Our Apple Chai-der is amazing hot or cold, though in this weather, we certainly recommend it hot with a yummy Molasses Gingerbread Cookie on the side. 

As always, you can check out our full Muddy's Midtown coffee menu HERE!

Featured Lovin' from the Oven: Sweet Patootie Pie

Our longtime fans may have noticed a certain classic Muddy's favorite has treated itself to a little makeover this year. Yes, I'm talking the Sweet Patootie Pie, which has certainly been a must-have on my personal Thanksgiving table every year I've been with Muddy's (and I'm going on six years now: that's a lotta sweet potato pie)! So I am pretty confident in saying I am a Sweet Patootie Pie connoisseur. I know its unique spice profile, its unmistakably fresh-baked (never ever canned) sweet potato-ness, and its faintly tangy buttermilky creaminess; and I confess I was a little taken aback when I first heard there would be some change in THE PERFECT pie this year. But I soon found out there was no need to be concerned: turns out you CAN make the most perfect pie ever even more perfecter by adding a scrumptious brown sugar streusel on top. Who knew?

Click HERE to order your whole pie now, or swing by either shop to treat yo'self to a slice!

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