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featured flavor: the pineapple paradise cupcake makes its debut!

Pineapple Paradise Cupcakes!

We finally did it, y'all, and trust me, it's worth the wait. This week, the gnomies of Muddy's Bake Shop are proud to announce the debut of our latest recipe creation, the Pineapple Paradise Cupcake! We have long wanted to fulfill this frequent customer request, but we didn't want to do it half way. If it's a Muddy's cupcake, it's going to be the best possible version of itself it can be, and you know what we discovered? Pineapple cake and icing is tricky. But oh, mama! The final version we've created is yummy!

Of course the most popular mainstream pineapple confection is pineapple upside cake, which is incredibly tasty but super sticky and does not translate into cupcakes well. The cake recipe we came up with is unusual and a bit difficult to describe (more reason for you to try it yourself, right?), but here's my best shot! It's a soft and delicate cake, laced chunks of crushed pineapple and plenty of real pineapple juice, which keeps the cake moist and scrumptious. With a hint of brown sugar, the cake boasts a light, almost floral pineapple flavor that combines with the more strongly flavored marshmallowy pineapple boiled iced for a complex combination of candied pineapple and home.

You can try it for yourself at either of our fine Muddy's locations this week, or order a dozen by clicking HERE (you KNOW you want to)!

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featured flavor: oatmeal cream pies (only one of the 19 best cookies in the country!)

This week's featured flavor is absolutely one of my top choices. I'm sure as I write about a different Muddy's treat every week, it sounds like every one of our products is one of my top choices ... and don't get me wrong, the list is long. My sweet tooth helps me in this job, A LOT. BUT, oh Oatmeal Cream Pies, I could eat you every day and still not have enough of you in my life. And it sounds like I'm not the only one: Muddy's Oatmeal Cream Pies recently made the list of "The 19 Best Cookies in America" on the blog PureWow!

As a former addict to the supermarket variety, I could go on for days about these simple but divine cookie sandwiches. I opted, however, to get a word from the baker responsible for making these treats, the lovely Leah! She's very proud to note that these are her actual hands in her fancy pink gloves and is available to talk, should any hand model scouts be reading this.

But anyway, back to those cookies!

They start with two "soft, cinnamony cookies," as Leah calls them, made from scratch in our kitchen and allowed to rest and cool. Our bakers (today, it's Leah!) then add a healthy dollop of freshly made vanilla cream ...

... and top that cream with yet another oatmeal cookie. Leah's favorite part is the filling, which, I agree with her, is "perfect." "The filling is creamy and fluffy, not too sweet, and sooooooo buttery," she says.

Leah gives the cookis one final squish of the cookies to spread the icing just right. It's incredibly satisfying to watch, but not as satisfying as eating one of these with a cup of coffee at one of our shops. Or in the comfort of your home, if that's your thing. You can find them in the case at either of our shops all week, or you can order a dozen HERE!



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july 9 is sugar cookie day!

Y'all! This Saturday, July 9, is Sugar Cookie Day. And just in case you were wondering where you were going to celebrate, yes! We will have our famously perfect Sprankle Sugar Cookies in the case at both of our locations, so come on down. You won't find a better sugar cookie in Memphis, after all. Made from scratch like all our goodies, our Sprankle Sugar Cookies are just what a sugar cookie should be: the flavor a delicate balance of caramelized sugar, vanilla, and a hint of lemon for depth and complexity. The texture is delightfully chewy, and, well, isn't everything better than sprankles?!

Oh, and speaking of this Saturday, July 9, if you get your sugar cookie fix at our Midtown location, you can treat yourself to lunch first if you come between 11am and 2pm! The one and only Sushi Jimmi food truck will be on our lawn at that time, offering their specialty sushi and Asian fusion. (Click HERE to see our full food truck lineup for the rest of the summer!) 

Happy Sugar Cookie Day, y'all!

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featured flavors: july drink of the month + apricot almond oat bars!

july drink of the month: raspberry mint iced tea

July's Drink of the Month at Muddy's Grind House (the coffee bar housed in our Midtown location) was designed with you, the Memphian-in-summertime in mind. We thought, "What could be the most refreshing, thirst quenching drink we could make?" and this is definitely it! Our Raspberry Mint Iced Tea begins with the best classic black iced tea. We spike it with just the right amount of raspberry and real mint leaves to create a simple yet complex brew that refreshes like none other. We recommend it with any of our more fruity treats, especially our Apricot Almond Oat Bars this week!

As always you can check out our full Midtown coffee and beverage menu HERE.

"An Ode to an Apricot Almond Oat Bar"

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more tasty and temperate
Than a Memphis summer's humidi-tay
Or its heat, a habit inveterate.
But summer brings cravings of apricot--
A yum stone fruit, a wee sweet, a wee tart--
And I like oats and brown sugar a lot
Laced with almonds ... butter ... be still my heart!
A bar rich in Maillard reaction,
Apricot preserves, and luscious crumble:
I'm sure you can see the attraction
Though it may sound deceivingly humble.
    Apricot Almond Oat Bars are the bomb:
    Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom.

You'll find them in the case at both of our locations this week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Or if you prefer your Apricot Almond Oat Bars by the dozen (as I do), I highly recommend you order as many as you like by clicking HERE!

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