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featured flavors: conversation heart cake & the new drinking alone bundt!

conversation heart cakes

A quintessential part of every Valentine's Day, conversation hearts were always a fun way of sharing your sentiments with those you loved (or those you didn't). We here at Muddy's had a thought though: what if they could taste good too?

And so Muddy's Conversation Heart became a Memphis Valentine's Day tradition many years ago. And it's back this year, as sweet and sassy as ever! Our six-inch heart-shaped cakes (your choice of vanilla, chocolate, or vegan chocolate are iced with vanilla icing (white, pink, yellow, green, or white vegan) and inscribed with the sentiment of your choice: "i love u," "bite me," "be mine," or "hello, it's me" are available! We'll have some on our grab-n-go table this week, or you can order yours HERE!

drinking alone bundt cake

Thinking about eating your feelings this Valentine's Day? The Muddy's Test Kitchen sympathizes: that's why they've developed the most luscious, decadent way for you to do just that with our all new Drinking Alone Bundt Cake! Our famous devil's food bundt cake is topped with a generous helping of our scratch-made bourbon caramel icing and chocolate sauce for a treat to keep you company on the couch this Sunday, serve at your Galentine's Day party, or hey, you can even share it with your sweetie--we won't judge. Try a slice any day this week at either of our Muddy's locations, or order one HERE before 9pm Thursday, February 11!

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it's not valentine's day in memphis without muddy's! the 2016 menu is here

Oh, right. Valentine's Day is just a week away....

Don't worry. You may have forgotten, but the gnomies here at Muddy's Bake Shop never forget VD. For the uninitiated, don't be shocked. Yes, we love Valentine's Day here at Muddy's. We also love to call it VD almost as much as we enjoy creating fabulous treats for your Valentine's Day parties, Galentine's Day nights, Singles Awareness Day celebrations, or hey, even to give and share with those you love.

All of these items will be in our case throughout this week--February 8-13--or you can click on the links below to place a pre-order to ensure you get exactly what you want. Or if online ordering is not your thing, call 901.683.8844 for East Memphis pick up or 901.443.4144 for Midtown pick up. Don't forget, all Valentine's Day orders must be placed by 9pm Thursday, February 11!

Now, time to drool over this years' VD treats....


The Grinch Cupcake... Even the tiniest of Grinch hearts will be melted this Valentine's Day with our darling key lime cake + cream cheese icing combo, topped with red heart sprinkles. Order HERE.

Bitter with Baggage Cupcake... Bitter with baggage? There's a cupcake for that. And it's freaking delicious! Chocolate cupcake + coffee icing + dark chocolate drizzle. Order HERE.

The Bachelor Cupcake... Even the bachelors--the most eligible and the most steadfast alike--have cause to celebrate VD this year. Guinness stout chocolate cake + peanut butter icing + toasted peanuts. Order HERE.

The Schmoop Cupcake... For those who just love EVERYTHING! Strawberry cupcake + chocolate buttercream + vanilla buttercream. Order HERE.

Cherry Bomb Cupcake... This new recipe is quickly becoming a gnomie favorite. Chocolate cupcake + cherry cream cheese icing + cherry on top. Order HERE.

Pink Champagne Cupcake... Nothing says celebration like the unmistakable flavor of bubbly in our champagne cupcake + pink champagne icing. It's so pretty, too! Order HERE.


Chocolate Chunka Burnin' Love... Don't celebrate your Valentine's Day in Memphis without the most delicious shout out to our local hunk of burnin' love. The double chocolate cookie with a cayenne kick! Order HERE.

Voodoo Dolls... Not feeling the love? Get even with butter cookies with sugary black x's for eyes and little red hearts! Order HERE.

Crispy Rice Treats... I don't know about you, but I like my men like I like my Crispy Rice Treats: with brown butter and sea salt. Mmm. Order HERE.

Raspberry Swirl Blondies... A classic blondie with swirls of raspberry and white chocolate drizzle. Order HERE.

Sprankle Sugar Cookies... Sugar and sprinkles. Need we say more? Order HERE.

Cherry Heart Cookies... A VD classic here at Muddy's, these pink butter cookies with barely cherry cream cheese icing and sprinkles are a staff favorite! Order HERE.


Peppermint Patty Pie... Whether you prefer to celebrate your VD with sweet fluff or seductively intense dark chocolate, this pie is for you. Rich chocolate chess pie topped with fluffy mounds of pink peppermint whipped cream and white chocolate shavings. Order HERE.

Shady Wake Pie... Embrace the nuttiness of Valentine's Day with our nationally recognized Southern-style pecan pie that will obliterate your senses with its scrumptious awesomeness. Order HERE.

Cherry Baby Pie... Tart and sour cherries baked in a pie. The flavor really pops! Our buttery, flaky hand-latticed crust with a heart on top is as irresistible as your love. Order HERE.

Blushing Grapefruit Pie... Not sure if you want to celebrate Valentine's Day or not this year? Celebrate National Grapefruit Month instead with this simply perfect, melt-n-your-mouth chess pie. Light and refreshing, this zesty pie will perk you up on a cold winter's day. Order HERE.

Tollhouse Jack Pie... Express your love this year with a pie packed full with all the things you both love best! Chocolate chip cookie-inspired filling with a handful of toasted pecan pieces and spiked with whiskey. Order HERE.

Nancy's Boy Pie... This chess pie is LOADED with coconut and was named a "must try item" by Travel + Leisure Magazine! Now that's what we call true love. Order HERE.


Drinking Alone Bundt Cake... For those with feelings to eat this Valentine's Day, this combination of our rich devil's food bundt with bourbon caramel and chocolate sauce will have you wondering why every day can't be VD after all! Order HERE.

Conversation Heart Cake... Everybody's favorite conveyor of Valentine's sentiments--both snarky and sweet--is back! Our 6" heart-shaped cakes are decked to the nines with vanilla buttercream and sweet or sassy saying. Just what Ryan Gossling ordered. Vegan options available! Order HERE.


Vegan Mon Cheri Cupcake and Cake... Vegans, take heart this Valentine's Day! With our delicious almond cake + cherry icing combo, you don't have to miss out on a thing this VD. Order cupcakes HERE and cake HERE.

Vegan Prozac Cupcake and Cake... Chocolate is a quintessential element of Valentine's Day. Dairy is not. Chocolate cake + chocolate butterless buttercream makes for a luscious treat! Order cupcakes HERE and cake HERE.

Coconut Macaroons (flourless)... Because you want flowers, not the flour! Or better yet, scratch the flour--Muddy's Coconut Macaroons are the perfect gluten-sensitive Valentine's Day treat. Deliciously golden, baked coconut mounds dipped in velvety chocolate. Order HERE.

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super bowl cupcakes & cookies make for a super super bowl!

The numbers are in for 2016, y'all: according to polls, Super Bowl 50 viewers plan to spend an average of $82.19 on a combination of food, party decor, and team apparel (that's up from the $77.88 spent last year)! Of course most of that food spending will be done on the ever predictable pizza, wings (an anticipated 162.5 million pounds of wings, to be precise), and chips and dip.1 But don't forget about dessert!

We gnomies here at Muddy's certainly haven't forgotten about your Super Bowl dessert: we've had lots of fun picking out your Broncos and Panthers sprinkles, and in addition to all the usually deliciousness, we will have team color Prozacs, Plain Janes, and Sprankle Sugar Cookies in our case for your this Saturday, February 6!

These tend to move fast ... because everyone does tend to forget Super Bowl dessert until the day before ... but not you this year! That's because you will think ahead and place an order for your own assortment of cupcakes in your favorite team colors, or an order for a few dozen Sprankle Sugar Cookies, right? Or, you know, if you don't get around to it, you know we will have loads of yummy treats in the case that will finish off your night of pizza and wings quite nicely.

But if you should want to call to place an order, 901.683.8844 is the number you'll want to call to pick up at our East Memphis store, and 901.443.4144 is your Midtown Muddy's hookup!

1. Super Bowl 50: What Viewers Will Be Spending and Eating - ABC News

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featured flavors: almond mocha, neapolitan cupcakes & more from the custom studio!

almond mocha

Chocolate is pretty good on its own. We're agreed on that, yes? And when you mix it with a high-quality latte such as those you'll find in Muddy's Grind House, you have the incredibly smooth, decadent beverage known as Memphis's finest mocha. But adding a bit of nuttiness to chocolate is always a good idea, and that is just what we do with Muddy's almond mocha.

Hot or iced, decaf or caf, our almond mocha is a carefully balanced combination of espresso and the milk of your choice. Ghirardelli chocolate sauce and almond syrup add a rich depth of joyfully almond flavor that melds with the sweet, smoothness of our Zingerman's espresso simply and divinely. We recommend you add our house-made whipped cream!

As always, you can check out Muddy's Grind House full coffee and beverage menu HERE!

neapolitan cupcakes

Every day Muddy's offers you 12 exciting cupcake flavors to choose from. Neapolitan is one of those flavors that has been around for a while and clearly our customers agree with us gnomies that it's the perfect cupcake for those with choosy palates who can't decide between all of Muddy's spectacular flavor options! A perfect blend of Muddy's devilishly delicious chocolate cake and strawberry and vanilla buttercreams, Neapolitan Cupcakes are satisfying no matter what flavor you may be craving.

Treat yourself to one or a dozen this week at either of our locations, or place an order for a dozen or a dozen dozens today by clicking HERE!

neapolitan inside-out cake

With its classic and yummy combination of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, our Neapolitan Cupcake is one that we've often had customer requests for as a cake but unfortunately never been able to offer. Now our new Custom Studio department is proud to announce they've developed a Neapolitan cake worthy of the Muddy's name. It's the Neapolitan Inside-Out Cake, and it's one of the several very special, very fancy cakes that have been developed by the studio to meet our customers more custom needs! Three layers of Muddy's famous devil's food chocolate cake are sandwiched together with chocolate buttercream between two layers, vanilla buttercream between the next two layers, and strawberry buttercream tops it off. The sides of the cake are left naked, save for a shell border of each icing. It's as classy as it is delicious! 

Need a customized cake? Call 901.443.2114 or email to get started, and the sooner the better: we are a small and specialized department and need at least 3-5 days to put your order together. Brochures are available at the shops, and you can check out our new Custom Studio webpage HERE for loads of more information and pretty pictures galore. HUZZAH!

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