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featured flavors: announcing the new hummingbird cupcake + ou 901fest pop up shop!

hummingbird cupcakes

You asked for it, and you got it, folks. This week we're introducing a new flavor, one of our most frequently requested items ever! It's the Hummingbird Cupcake, and it's about time, don'tcha think?

Our Hummingbird Cupcake is simple proof that some things were just meant to be. Bananas and pineapples were always meant to be baked into a lusciously moist cake along with toasty pecans for that texture and depth of flavor that tastes like home, or even better, Grandma's house! And our fluffy scratch-made cream cheese icing has clearly always been meant to top the resulting cake, along with a yummy sprinkle of still more pecans. It took us a while to determine the exact proportions, but lucky you! You get to benefit from the days we spent in the Test Kitchen perfecting this beauty of a cupcake. You'll find our Hummingbird Cupcakes at both of our shops this week, or you can order yourself a dozen or two by clicking HERE!

muddy's pop up at 901fest this saturday!

Don't miss our biggest Pop Up Shop yet ... or the entire inaugural 901Fest, for that matter! This carefully curated celebration of all things Memphis features local musicians, artists, merchants, and food, of course! 901Fest replaces the Sunset Symphony, but it will still continue the beloved traditional air show and fireworks. Now, with cupcakes!

Check out the festival's official website HERE to find out who else will be appearing at 901fest and to buy your tickets. We'll see you there!

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upcoming food trucks on our midtown lawn!

You and I cannot live on coffee and cupcakes alone (unfortunately). We know our customers need full meals sometimes, and we know they have discerning tastes! That's why for the second spring/summer in a row, Muddy's Midtown is hosting a series of the best food trucks Memphis has to offer our lawn. And you better believe we gnomies will be out there too, eating our hearts out.

Look for them on Fridays and/or Saturdays, sometimes lunch and sometimes dinnertime. Unfortunately we don't have them scheduled for every weekend, but you can check out the upcoming schedule at our events page HERE.

This weekend, we've got two awesome opportunities for you to feast upon (before you treat yourself to dessert inside of course).

Friday, May 20 5-8pm - The JoyRide! JoyRide specializes in Cuban sandwiches and other Latin eats including yummy empanadas (even a vegan option!) and fried plantains to die for. Joy is awesome as her cooking, so don't miss this opportunity to dine on the best Cuban in town just yards away from the best coffee!

Saturday, May 21 11am-2pm - Sushi Jimmi! Sushi Jimmi is one of the hottest food trucks in town at the moment, and the reasons are plentiful and, well, obvious when you see ... and smell ... and taste this food. You can't beat quality sushi and Asian fusion made to order with creative and colorful (read: fresh) ingredients. I will be pairing mine with an Iced Matcha Latte from Muddy's Grind House (or maybe the May featured drink, the Green Dream if I'm feelin' something a little sweeter). Yum! 

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featured flavors: cold brew + prozac 4eva!

cold brew coffee

Warmer weather is approaching here in Memphis, and with it comes a pretty good excuse to indulge in the iced coffee. Of course, not any coffee will do ... especially when you have such easy access to Muddy's Cold Brew Coffee! That's right, even if you aren't in Midtown, you can get yourself some of our in-house bottle cold brew in our East Memphis shop too. 

So, if you haven't tried it yet, I'm going to go ahead and apologize. It WILL spoil you for every other iced coffee, and even every other cold brew coffee. But don't worry, the pleasure you get from glass after glass of this brew this summer will be worth it! While I could list reasons why you should treat yo'self to Muddy's Cold Brew Coffee myself, all based on my own personal frequent enjoyment of the beverage, the cold brew masters Anthony and Stephen (pictured below) can say it much better than I can.

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Drink Muddy's Cold Brew

1. "We use the longest brewing method in Memphis!" -Stephen

Most places in town brew their cold brew for 12-24 hours (including the old 'Bucks, who has recently been boasting of their 20-hour cold brew), but we do a full 48 hour brew which allows for the most complete and well-rounded extraction of smooth coffee goodness possible.

2. "It's a convenient and easy way to get some quality caffeine in your life!" -Anthony

Of course there isn't anything much easier than hopping over to the coffee bar at Muddy's Midtown and ordering a nice cold brew coffee. But did you know that while you're there (or picking up some sweets at our East Memphis location too), you can pick up a bottle of Muddy's Cold Brew Coffee to-go that's enough for not just one but two morning pick-me-ups (or afternoon nap alternatives) that you can serve up right in your own home or office?

3. "It's the best cold brew in town!" -Stephen and Anthony

"It's really so good, it sells itself," Stephen tells me. Anthony says it gets "A TON of Code Greens, and that tells you something." For the non-gnomies out there, Code Greens are where we here at Muddy's record what we're doing right and are often based on customer comments. In other words, other customers love our cold brew to pieces, and we're pretty sure you will too!

4. "It's delicious!" -Paola

So I know that I said I would get these reasons from Stephen and Anthony, but the amazing customer service gnomie Paola heard us talking about our cold brew, and she simply had to add her two cents. "It's what a pourover is for hot coffee," she says. "It's good, strong, smooth coffee, a little chocolatey, you can taste a little vanilla, and you can drink it straight, it's just so smooth. I wouldn't drink it uncut though. But a little cream or ice makes it perfect! We've got simple syrup here that you can add if you must have the sweetness, and a lot of people like it with chocolate sauce, or vanilla or caramel. But seriously, if you buy our bottles of cold brew--and have good quality milk at home--you can make at home the exact same drink we'd make for you here at Muddy's Grind House!"

prozac cupcakes and cake!

Our perennial best-seller here at Muddy's Bake Shop is the Prozac. Both in its cupcake as well as its cake form, our take on the classic combination of chocolate cake and chocolate icing (plus sprankles, naturally!) is a people-pleaser at heart, and it does such a good job at it that sometimes we forget to sing its praise! That's why this week, I've put together a little Ode to the Prozac by talking to gnomies at all of our locations and collecting their personal reasons why the Prozac is, in baking gnomie Agoud's words, "the bomb dot com!"

"It's tried and true, and it just makes sense. I love how new customers light up at the name and the description, and it sells itself immediately!" -Anthony, customer service gnomie, Muddy's Midtown

"It's one of our most versatile desserts, as in, you can take it anywhere and do anything with it. It's as perfect for your mother's birthday as it is for the Fourth of July. And it makes a great centerpiece at a party. You can decorate around it, and it just looks like a party. It's defintely loved by all and pleases all ages, because chocolate!" -Allie, customer service gnomie, Muddy's East Memphis

"I like to ice Prozac Cupcakes. I get in my happy place when I'm making them because I get to chooes the sprinkles as I see fit. My favorite combination is the pink hearts and yellow nonpareils. On the shiny chocolate icing, they're just beautiful. Oh, and I also like how happy people are when they eat them!" -Agoud, baking gnomie, Muddy's Kitchen

"The Prozac is my favorite just because I absolutely LOVE chocolate. It's the perfect cupcake for any chocolate lover because its just the perfect chocolate cupcake. It's the perfect combination of moist, toned-down chocolate cake with rich and chocolatey icing." -Lauren, customer service gnomie, Muddy's East Memphis

"Making the chocolate batter for the cake part is the best! It's such a fun batter to make. It's fluffy and creamy ... but lumpy ... and it's the easiest batter to scoop into perfectly sized cupcakes. And even though it's lumpy, it doesn't bake lumpy. Our chocolate cake is the bomb, and it's flawless dot com!" -Tabitha, baking gnomie, Muddy's Kitchen

"My dreams came true when I met the Prozac. I love chocolate more than any other flavor ever, and when you put chocolate on chocolate, it can't help but make just about anyone's dreams come true!" -TJ, baking gnomie, Muddy's Kitchen

"I feel like everyone has already said it. It really is the best chocolate cake ever. It's perfect. The cake is perfect ... the icing is perfect ... it's just ... perfect." -Paola, customer service gnomie, Muddy's Midtown

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your rocwpc (positive change) tip jar update: may is a great time to cultivate some inner light

Memphis, y'all never fail to amaze us gnomies here at Muddy's Bake Shop. Your April contributions to our ROCWPC (that's Refilling Our Community with Positive Change) tip jars at both of our locations combined for a total of $1,822.10! That's $1,822.10 of difference you guys have made for Memphis children with special needs and their families, as our April tip jar money is going to the Harwood Center.

For any of our new blog followers who may be filling a little lost, our ROCWPC Jar stands in the place of a tip jar at both of our locations. Instead of taking tips, we ask customers to throw their change into these jars; and each month we give the total to a local nonprofit which we gnomies here at Muddy's have decided upon by vote. For the month of May, we're excited to announce that our ROCWPC money will be going to Inner L.I.G.H.T!

Inner L.I.G.H.T. (that stands for "life, intelligence, generosity, humility, and talents") is a nonprofit founded in 2012 by University of Memphis students with the mission to "restore communities through interactive youth programs and community-based outreach projects." These programs include Literacy Labs, afterschool programs for elementary students who need a little extra encouragement in their reading skills, at Crump Elementary and Cummings School. Inner L.I.G.H.T. is also well known locally for its annual weeklong START Camp, an entrepreneurship camp a la Shark Tank, housed at The University of Memphis’ Crews Center for Entrepreneurship. Donations to Muddy's ROCWPC Jar this month are sure to help Inner L.I.G.H.T.'s efforts to make Memphis a better place by enriching the lives and nurturing the talents of our young people. Yay!

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