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why yes memphis, muddy's does wedding cakes!

It's a question we've been asked approximately 1.3 million times since our doors opened in 2008: "Does Muddy's make wedding cakes?" And the answer has always been, "Well, yes, if you want cupcakes or a pretty two-layer homestyle cake." For many of you, that has been exactly what you needed, but we know what many are actually asking when they ask, "Do you make wedding cakes?" is, "Do you make two-tier cakes?" Well, yes, as of 2016, the Muddy's Custom Studio does just that! If you're in need of a wedding cake, just email Sara at studio (at) (and give her a full two work days to respond, as it's a small and busy department); and in the meantime check out some of the fabulous wedding cakes she and her staff have put together so far!

This one proved so popular on social media, the identical cake has been made for two other Memphis brides (so far)!

Who says buttercream can't be elegant? You can't go wrong with a the classic two-tier swiss dot look.

If you're into the trendy naked cake look, the Muddy's Custom Studio can provide just that for you.

And yes, that's a mustache on that naked Prozac (chocolate + chocolate) groom's cake sneaking into that corner above.

The "flower crown" is a popular choice.

As are rustic textures paired with the elegance of pearl borders. Lovely!

It seems that gold accents like this fancy monogram are THE 2016 wedding cake topper.

Not to play favorites, but, well, this peachy floral number may just be my favorite ...

though sometimes simple is simply stunning.

This next one is obviously not a wedding cake, but we included it because we WANT to make it for a wedding! The magnolia-esque flowers with the gold accent pieces manage to be both sweet and stunning at the same time.

Wait, can I change my mind about my favorite? Because this rustic floral two-tier cake is, quite frankly, breathtaking.

And finally, Sara's personal favorite is this gorgeous flower burst cake with a unique color scheme, crafted to match the bride's shoes!

Whether you see the exact cake you want here or want a cake to match your shoes, Sara and her team are more than happy to help you make the wedding cake of your dreams a reality. Or if you have no idea what you want, the Muddy's Custom Studio can help there, too! Email studio (at) Oh, and hey, congrats bride-to-be!