Fearless Feedback: a Work/Life virtual class

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The Delicious Details

Fearless FeedbackNo one is born knowing how to give feedback well and most of us are never actually taught how either! And yet, as professionals, we’re all expected to give & receive feedback in our day-to-day.  It doesn’t have to be scary! Learn our accessible- and very effective- feedback recipe to help your team- and yourself- gain momentum, build trust, and stop beating around the bush. Class is 2 hours, $50 

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Learn the “secret recipes” for our team’s success!  We’re more than delicious treats at Muddy’s, we’re a strong team and put a lot of effort & intention into how we work, our systems for excellence, and our workplace culture.  We’ve taught internal classroom-style workshops for almost a decade and have hosted other companies’ teams for training since 2017... and now our most popular workshops are available to individuals!

Each Class Includes:

  • A brief overview of how & why we developed the content.
  • A printable PDF workbook to follow along & take notes, as well as follow up resources, tips, examples, and recommended reading.
  • A primary instructor AND a facilitating “sidekick” to help with Q&A 
  • Lots of opportunity for questions, conversation, and diving into the material. 

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Q. How does it work exactly?
A. You purchase your ticket online and this reserves you a spot.  A day or two before the class, you'll receive an email containing your "prep packet" and the login credentials for Zoom.  The "classroom" will open 5 minutes before the class begins to give everyone time to login, get settled, etc.  Then we begin class!

Q. Can multiple people take the class together on one “ticket”?
A. For our Work/Life classes, we prefer one participant per ticket. Even if you’re sharing a screen, the nature of the class means you’re each an individual student.

Q. Who are these classes for?
A. All our “Work/Life” classes began as staff training workshops, so their original “students” were Muddy’s employees. We discovered that what works for us also works for many others... and often in our lives outside of work as well. These classes can benefit anyone seeking to live and work more purposefully and the “recipes” we share can be applied in many scenarios.

Q. How should I prepare for class?
A. Grab your favorite pen.  Maybe make a snack if you like.... get comfortable!  If possible, find a quiet spot with good internet; turn off phone & notifications-- limit distractions. These workshops are interactive, not just lectures, so get where you're comfortable participating by asking questions, sharing thoughts, etc!

Q. Can I book a private class for my group/team?
A. Yes! Private sessions start at $500 for up to 12 participants, but we can often accommodate larger groups with some adjustments to the formatting. Please email for an estimate.

Q. What sorts of teams have taken these classes?
A. All sorts! Various FedEx marketing teams, a UT optometry school team, nonprofits including Thistle & Bee, school groups (both student groups and faculty groups!), and faith organizations... and of course, other hospitality & retail small businesses!

Q. What if I need to cancel my reservation?
A. We keep class sizes small to allow each student a great experience, so we require at least 7 days' notice for a cancellation with full refund. 
If your class is less than 7 days away and you find that you cannot attend, you may certainly send a friend in your place!  Just let us know about the change of plan by emailing orders(at)muddysbakeshop(dot)com

About virtual bake-a-long classes

Virtual classes typically last 75-90 minutes and are designed to be accessible and fun to participate from your home kitchen. Small class size means everyone has lots of opportunity to ask questions, etc. We take our time and explain each step to set you up for success! Ingredients are readily available in most groceries and if special kitchen tools are recommended or required, it will be noted in the item description. Interested in a private bake-a-long for your group? We do that too!

Please review this important information prior to booking.

Each class Includes:
• At least one bake-a-long recipe with lots of instruction. Some may also include a demo to watch while items are baking.
• A printable PDF "prep packet" with ingredient & equipment list and a follow up email with recipes, tips, and class notes.
• Classes are hosted by a primary instructor AND a cohost to ensure that everyone has a full, fun experience!
• Lots of time for questions, conversation, and fun together!

Need some baking supplies?

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