Custom Cakes

Custom Cakes, Etc
We are no longer creating any additional custom decorated cakes outside of our decorated cake line.
Check out our cake selection:

If you currently have a custom order already pending, we will of course be completing your custom design!

Large Custom Orders
To order cupcakes or cookies with your logo or a similar “bulk” custom design (100+ servings), please email orders(at)muddysbakeshop(dot)com

Why this change?
We have loved making highly customized cakes for our clients' special celebrations and hope to continue being a part of these occasions, albeit in a slightly more structured format. As you can imagine, custom inquiries (even if they don't result in a final order) take a lot of time and planning before we ever even bake the layers and whip up the buttercream.   
Our custom manager has a growing family (we wish her well on maternity leave!). Therefore, it seems a good time to wrap up current projects and take the product line in a direction that allows for more of our team to seamlessly work with our guests to create decorated items for special occasions. 
Many thanks,
Kat & the team