Dodson's Farm Jams & Jellies

The Delicious Details

Super yummy, locally-made jams and jellies from our friend Carolyn of Dodson's Farm.

Some recommendations:

  • Leah recommends using the Caramelized Onion jam on hamburgers and Dena loves it on sandwiches.  
  • Kat adores the Meyer Lemon marmalade on lightly buttered toast... and even uses a tablespoon of it to perk up a banana bread.
  • Andrea isn't Southern by birth, but totally appreciates the Southern snack of cream cheese dip with Pepper Jelly.
  • And EVERYONE loves the Strawberry Rhubarb and Seedless Blackberry jam!

Check out our recipe for Thumbprint Jamboree cookies using Dodson Jam, and browse Carolyn's aprons too! :-)  

PS. make the sourdough biscuits from Muddy's Fun House show, then top with Nan's Pimiento Cheese and a dollop of Dodson Farms pepper jelly!