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featured nonprofit: A Way Out

Positive Change Jar: A Way Out

Get to know A Way Out, the non-profit recipient of our Positive Change Jar for the month of September. A Way Out is a program that assists women in transitioning out of the sex for sale industry. Through A Way Out, survivors go through a series of steps to gain control back over their lives. Counseling, health and dental care, housing, rehabilitation programs, education, and mentoring are provided for every woman. Every facet of the program addresses underlying needs to lead a well-rounded life, including health, parenting, and job-readiness.

At Muddy’s, we don’t accept tips for our service or charge for drip coffee refills; we believe in thriveable wages for great work and we fundraise for local nonprofits through our "Refill Our Community With Positive Change" jar. Each month our staff selects a Memphis non-profit organization, and 100% of those community funds go to support their mission. This month will be donated to A Way Out. Learn more about A Way Out here.

You can participate by, of course, throwing some change in the jar, but also by nominating a nonprofit that's making a difference in our community! 

Posted by Kat Gordon at 2:31 PM

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