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Just City: November 2017 Featured Nonprofit

November's Featured Nonprofit: Just City’s Clean Slate Fund

We’re thrilled to have Just City’s Clean Slate Fund as the non-profit recipient of our Positive Change Jar for the month of November. Just City aims to “pursue a smaller, fairer, and more humane criminal justice system”. They work to achieve this through 3 main focuses: the Clean Slate Fund, Memphis Community Bail Fund, and Participatory Defense.

In most cases, clearing up a criminal record in Tennessee requires a $280.00 or $450.00 expungement fee even after qualified applicants complete all requirements of a sentence. The Clean Slate Fund will pay this fee for people who qualify but can’t afford it. The fund is supported with generous donations from local businesses, foundations, and people like you.
In 2017, Just City successfully lowers the 3rd highest expungement fee in the country.

(Photo Credit: Just City)

At Muddy’s, we don’t accept tips for our service or charge for drip coffee refills; we believe in thriveable wages for great work and we fundraise for local nonprofits through our "Refill Our Community With Positive Change" jar. Each month our staff selects a Memphis non-profit organization, and 100% of those community funds go to support their mission.

This month will be donated to Just City’s Clean Slate Fund. Learn more about it here.

You can participate by, of course, throwing some change in the jar, but also by nominating a nonprofit that's making a difference in our community! 

Posted by Kat Gordon at 8:15 AM

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