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April featured Non Profit- Literacy Midsouth

Featured Nonprofit: Literacy Mid-South

We are so excited to have Literacy Mid-South as the non-profit recipient of our Positive Change Jar for April! Literacy Mid-South provides literacy resources for learners of all ages and backgrounds. In the U.S., 30 million people over age 16, or 14% of the country’s adult population, don’t read well enough to understand a newspaper story written at the eighth grade level or fill out a job application. An additional 63 million can only read at a fifth grade level or lower. Literacy Mid-South works every day to lower these numbers.

(Photo Credit: Literacy Mid-South)

Literacy Mid-South tackles their mission with four distinct programs:

  1. The Adult Learning Program at Literacy Mid-South has provided small group and one-on-one education services to adults who read on a 6th-grade level or below for more than thirty years.
  2. The English For You Program serves adults of any nationality who want to improve their English. They tutor individually or in small groups for conversation, reading, and writing using a curriculum designed for beginning-level adult ESL collaborative learning groups.
  3. The Read Memphis Project builds the capacity of other organizations, churches, nonprofits and groups to create new or improve existing community-based literacy and ESL centers throughout the Mid-South.
  4. Read901 is a city-wide initiative hosted by Literacy Mid-South that aims to have all students reach grade-level reading by the end of the 3rd grade.

At Muddy’s, we don’t accept tips for our service or charge for drip coffee refills; we believe in thriveable wages for great work and we fundraise for local nonprofits through our "Refill Our Community With Positive Change" jar. Each month our staff selects a Memphis non-profit organization, and 100% of those community funds go to support their mission.
This month will be donated to Literacy Mid-South. Learn more about them here.

You can participate by, of course, throwing some change in the jar, but also by nominating a nonprofit that's making a difference in our community! 


Posted by Kat Gordon at 9:00 AM

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