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May drink & featured non profit!

Midtown Muddy's May drink of the month... The Mochanut!

True story: For Muddy's Midtown May Drink of the Month, we were craving something a little sweet and slightly tropical-- especially now that the warmer weather is finally here! With that in mind, gnomies Leah, Janie and Andrea developed something truly delicious to share. You're going to love The Mochanut: a delicious cold brew latte mixed with chocolate and coconut syrup. Try it hot or iced today!


And another May update...

Featured Nonprofit: Memphis Tilth

We are so excited to have Memphis Tilth as the non-profit recipient of our Positive Change Jar for May! Memphis Tilth has a very clear mission: to cultivate collective action for an economically sustainable, socially equitable, and environmentally sound local food system. Tilth is an English word that means quality of soil, but an even older meaning of the word means “cultivation of wisdom and the spirit”. Since 2015, Memphis Tilth has been helping Memphians learn about healthy eating, grow urban gardens, and link land, food, people and community together.

(Photo Credit: Memphis Tilth)

Memphis Tilth tackles their mission with a variety a distinct programs:

  1. The Bring It Food Hub, which promotes community development in Memphis and the Mid-South by increasing access to healthy, affordable local foods and strengthening farmer livelihoods.
  2. The Food and Faith Initiative, which promotes health of land and community through church-supported agriculture.
  3. The Community Kitchen, which features programming for the promotion of culinary education, shared meal preparation, and value-added production.
  4. The GrowMemphis Community Gardens Program, which helps communities build gardens to improve access to locally grown food in their neighborhoods.
  5. New for 2018: The Alpha Omega Veterans Services Urban Farm and Garden, which will help with increasing the availability of healthy fruits and vegetables to veteran residents at AOVS facilities, as well as teach urban farming to residents there.

(Photo Credit: Memphis Tilth)

At Muddy’s, we don’t accept tips for our service or charge for drip coffee refills; we believe in thriveable wages for great work and we fundraise for local nonprofits through our "Refill Our Community With Positive Change" jar. Each month our staff selects a Memphis non-profit organization, and 100% of those community funds go to support their mission.

This month will be donated to Memphis Tilth. Learn more about them here.

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