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Muddy's new fall look book is here!

Welcome FALL with our Brand Spankin’ New Look Book!

Book reports, back to school collection, slumber parties, and more! Our gnomies have been working
hard to produce our brand-new fall look book for you, with a special back-to- school feel to it. Next time
you visit Muddy’s East Memphis or Midtown, pick up your very own copy. Here’s a sneak peek at what
you’ll find:

  • Foodie Book Report: Book assignments to indulge in and share with the cutie next to you in homeroom
  • Back to School Collection: New treats perfect for study sessions and after school snacks
  • Class of Halloween ’17: Party-ready treats available all October long
  • Test Kitchen 101: Peek into Muddy’s MudLab and what it’s like to create new recipes
  • Dino Jeff Explains It All: An autobiography from the man himself on how he became the Muddy’s mascot
  • Coffee 102: From pickin’ to sippin’, how your Muddy’s coffee is made
  • Slumber Parties: Yummy treats to help you party like its 1993
  • Pre-Order Menu: Cakes, cookies, pies, puddin’, and more! Fall favorites you’ll want to pre-order for your tailgate party

Posted by Kat Gordon at 8:00 AM

muddy's journal