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Thank you!

The holiday season is magical to us here at Muddy’s. The aromas, sounds, and colors of the season mingle past with present in a delightful (and sometimes wistful) cocktail of festive fun. Thanksgiving especially is about taking time to reflect on what we are grateful for and how much we really have in life.  At Muddy’s, we are thankful this week (and every week) for our amazing customers, staff, and community partners. These people make us who we are, and we wouldn’t be here without them!  (Of course, are also incredibly thankful for pie!) 

Make sure to take some time this week to show gratitude toward the people and things that bring you joy.

In order for our gnomies to do the same, our shops will be closed Thursday-Saturday this week. We will see you all again next Monday, where the festive fun continues!

Posted by Kat Gordon at 8:21 AM

muddy's journal