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Our cake artists loves working directly with our guests to design "couture" cakes and cupcakes for your most special events!  Muddy's Custom Studio is a small, specialized team doing intricate custom work, so please allow plenty of time for communication, planning, and details. Most custom studio pick-ups are scheduled at our Kitchen on Broad, with pickups at either shop available upon request/availability.

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or call us at 901.443.2114 (we may be making cakes when you call... if so, please leave a detailed message including the date of your event, the best number to call you back at, and any other relevant details!)

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About Our Custom Studio

While Muddy's has always offered "light customization" of our signature layer cakes, we only began doing custom art decorations like buttercream flowers, chocolate toppers, and tiered cakes in 2016 when we launched Muddy's Custom Studio.  

It's been so exciting to work with our guests to create unique, highly personalized designs that play an important role in their major milestone celebrations!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Muddy's Custom Studio?

The Studio operates out of our "helper kitchen" on Broad Ave and most custom orders are picked up there. We can schedule tastings and consultations at whichever shop is most convenient to you.
If you prefer to visit the Kitchen to consult about your order, please make an appointment, as we keep "baker hours" and our small team is often in the middle of decorating custom cakes!

How far in advance do I need to place a Custom Studio order?

Studio orders are more complex to plan and create, so naturally take more lead time. They also tend to book up farther out due to weddings, etc. We recommend contacting the Studio at least 2 weeks prior to your event for custom cakes. If you're planning a wedding or very large event, better to contact us 3 months in advance, as capacity is limited.

Does Muddy's make sheet cakes?

Yes! We are delighted to offer sheet cakes for special events. Our sheet cakes are two layers in order to preserve the homestyle layer cake experience and our cake artists are skilled at creating rectangular designs that convey the same boutique experience as our other cakes.

Do you make smash cakes?

Yes! Oh my goodness, we have LOVED creating smash cakes for so many adorable tots (and some adults!).

Do you make tiered cakes and wedding cakes?

Yes! We make lovely two tier cakes and many couples have been delighted to feature our custom cakes for their wedding.

Can I schedule a tasting?

Yes, we love tastings! Tasting consultations are $25 for a half hour booking. The tasting fee is applied toward the final order total if exceeding $250 pre-tax.

Can the Studio make me an out of season/retired flavor?

Sometimes! It depends on the availability of the ingredients (ie: no good blueberries in December). This usually requires our team making a special trip to a store and/or a minimum purchase quantity from a supplier, so in order to cover those costs please expect to pay anywhere from 20-50% more for these items than when they're featured on the menu.

Can you replicate licensed characters (ie: Disney, Mattel, etc)?

We have an enormous respect for the intellectual property of others and the law, so unless you have a written release from the copyright owner, then no. However our cake artists have great taste and are very skilled at creating a cake inspired by the character/movie.

What about corporate logos?

If you have permission to use the logo then it's no problem! We have been honored to make cupcakes, cakes, and cookies for a variety of companies like FedEx, the River Kings, etc.

What do you use to decorate custom cakes?

We are buttercream specialists! We make and use buttercream, cream cheese icing, and even chocolate art to make the cake of your dreams. We want your cake to not only look good, but taste amazing and we believe using these ingredients preserves the flavor and tastiness of your cake without sacrificing style.

What about sculpted cakes and fondant?

At Muddy's, we're all about creating outrageously delicious food and we feel that the methods required to create these items compromise the quality of the taste, texture, and flavor. You and your guests deserve our from scratch, awesome quality goodness!

Do you offer delivery?

We don't yet offer delivery. Most custom studio pick-ups are scheduled at our Kitchen on Broad, with pickups at either shop available upon request/availability.

Can't I just place my Custom order in the shop?

When you work directly with the folks who will be making you a "couture" cake, expectations are clear and you have full access to the creativity and knowledge of the studio team. It's definitely worth it, as evidenced by the amazing feedback we've gotten and from the enthusiasm our team feels by building those relationships!
Muddy's Bake Shop Custom Studio Manager

Caolinn Golden

Custom Studio Manager

Caolinn is a native Memphian with a BFA in studio arts and her skill with color, scale, and design is a huge benefit to our Custom customers.  She loves guiding the Custom cakes from start to finish, bringing customers' visions to life, and seeing her team squeal with glee for a cake they just created! 

Caolinn began at Muddy's in 2014 and has worked in almost every area of our kitchen. She's mastered batters & buttercreams on the overnight shift, inscriptions & swags on the preorder team, and pies & cookies with the dough team.  When the Custom Studio launched, she was their first recruit and in 2018 she was promoted to Studio manager.  Caolinn's experience & expertise with our full range of products is a valuable resource for our Custom customers!

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