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Muddy's "Kitchen"

Muddy's "Kitchen"

Muddy's HQ  since 2012... where we whip, stir, and mix the outrageously delicious baked goodies you love! Now offering contactless back door pickup for pre-orders AND a walk -in "bake sale".

2497 Broad Ave

Memphis, TN 38112

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Open Thu, Fri, Sat noon-5pm

Thu, Fri, & Sat noon-6pm

come to the "back door"



Our original location—
the wee little bakery that started it all back in 2008! 

While this location is still "hibernating", we would LOVE to see you at our Kitchen! Place a preorder online and pickup at our kitchen "back door". 

Temporarily Closed

5101 Sanderlin Ave #114

Memphis, TN 38117



Our Midtown location opened in Fall of 2014, 6 years after I opened Muddy's on Sanderlin.  Thank y'all so much for 5+ years of goodness  at the Midtown shop.  For information about the decision to close this location, please visit our Current Updates & FAQ.

permanently closed

585 S Cooper St.

Memphis, TN 38104

Hospitality During a Pandemic

When I opened Muddy's in 2008, I wanted it to feel as if you were coming for a visit in my home.  I hoped to share delicious baked goodies with my guests in a comfortable (albeit quirky!) atmosphere.  And all this time, we've done so with an emphasis on personal, loving, face-to-face hospitality.

So much has changed as a result of our current crisis, but our human need for hospitality (both giving and receiving) remains the same.  It's HOW we do it that must look different right now.  After all, health & safety is always the #1 priority. 

I cannot invite you into my "home" as I once could... but we can still share delicious food for you to enjoy in yours.  We can smile, wave, wish you a "Happy Thursday", and offer you some lovin' ... from 6 feet away.  

We are still passionately committed to loving & serving our community; to creating outstanding experiences & delicious food. We are still a place where kindness is contagious. 

And we love you.

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