Baking Tools

The Delicious Details

Stock your baking nook or kitchen with some of our favorite baking tools!

Wooden Spoons ... $14.25
Wooden spoons are great for mixing a dough, stirring soup, serving salad, and more.  These are made from teak and age beautifully with care.  We recommend oiling them with wood oil regularly so they smooth over time and develop patina.

  • Spoon
  • Server
  • Spatula

Rolling Pins 
The pin chooses the baker... we've stocked an assortment of rolling pins to suit your style and frame, all made by J.K.Adams.  Which to choose?
First, what feels right in your hands? Do you like the rolling action of the old school roller pin? or prefer the precision control of a French tapered dowel? 
Second, consider your shoulder width. If using an old school roller, you don't want to be scrunched up using a pin that's too narrow or splayed out using one too wide.  The most comfortable width is usually about the same as your shoulders!

  • Youth Old School Roller, perfectly sized for young bakers ... $16
  • Petite Old School Roller, 18" wide... $18
  • Gourmet Old School Roller, 21" wide... $24
  • French taper dowel... $18
  • Straight dowel... $18
  • "Lovely" Notched dowel, rolls perfect 1/4" thickness every time! ... $22


Cookie Scoops ...  $13.50 ea
Make your consistent cookie dreams come true! Cookie scoops are a helpful tool for the home baker to ensure that cookies turn out evenly sized and consistently baked.  

  • #60 (.54 oz) :  perfect for when a recipe says "tablespoon sized"-- smallish cookies like thumbprints or drop cookies for sandwiching.
  • #30 (1 oz) : wonderful all-around size! An excellent middle ground for cookies small enough to snack on, but large enough for a treat.
  • #24 (1.33 oz): looking for palm-sized chocolate chip cookies like you get at Muddy's? Look no further! This size also works great for muffins & cupcakes.

Bench Scraper ...  $11.15 ea
The ultimate kitchen work horse!  A bench scraper can be used to tidy workspace, chop ingredients, portion dough, and more. We love that these are exactly 6" across (helps when eyeball-measuring pastry dough!) and have a gorgeous curved wooden grip that fits comfortably in the hand.

Small Offset Spatula ...  $5 ea
The offset blade allows for more control and this ones is the perfect size for detail work in cake icing but also spreading icing on cookies... or even just slathering peanut butter on toast!  

Oven Thermometer ...  $5 ea
Did you know that your oven is probably as much as 50 degrees off? Yup, most ovens are liars.  Ensure that you're baking at the correct temperature by using a simple oven thermometer.

Measuring Spoons ...  $15 ea
I love this set of 8 measuring spoons! The weight feels great to use, they're easy to level off for perfect portions, and they're perfectly shaped to dip into narrow spice jars :)  

Pastry Brush ...  $6 ea
Lovely boar bristle pastry brush. Width is 1 3/8"-- perfect for brushing egg wash on pies, cream on scones, and more.  Hand wash.

Itty Bitty Whisk ...  $5 ea
Absolutely delightful and perfectly sized for hot chocolate, spiced tea, or even a single egg.  

Vintage-style Sifter ...  $11 ea
Dust powdered sugar like a pro and sift flour with the best of them!   This old school sifter is a welcome addition to any bakers' kitchen.