Dodson's Farm Jams & Jellies

The Delicious Details

Super yummy, locally-made jams and jellies from our friend Carolyn of Dodson's Farm.

Some recommendations:

  • Leah recommends using the Caramelized Onion jam on hamburgers and Dena loves it on sandwiches.  
  • Kat adores the Meyer Lemon marmalade on lightly buttered toast... and even uses a tablespoon of it to perk up a banana bread.
  • Andrea isn't Southern by birth, but totally appreciates the Southern snack of cream cheese dip with Pepper Jelly.
  • And EVERYONE loves the Strawberry Rhubarb and Seedless Blackberry jam!

Check out our recipe for Thumbprint Jamboree cookies using Dodson Jam!

PS. make the sourdough biscuits from Muddy's Fun House show, then top with Nan's Pimiento Cheese and a dollop of Dodson Farms pepper jelly!