Enamel Kitchenware

The Delicious Details

  ***NEW!*** Enamelware from Crow Canyon Home Collection

Enamelware baking utensils are sturdy, long lasting, yet lightweight. They clean easily and can move from fridge to oven to stovetop. Enamelware baking pans distribute heat evenly, ensuring that the middle of your brownies and quick breads are baked through without over-baking the edges. 


Loaf pan
(9.25" x 5.5")... $24
Up your game on quick breads like banana bread and pumpkin bread.  Lovely size for a sourdough sandwich loaf or challah loaf.

Brownie pan
Great size for brownies, blondies, coffee cake, and more.

Rimmed cookie sheet / jelly roll pan
(16" x 12.25")... $36   Choose red rim or grey rim :)
Ideal pan for baking cookies, but great for serving as well!

Wide basin/bowl
(8 quarts, 14" wide)... $36
Big, wide bowl perfect for salads, mixing large batches of dough, serving for a crowd, and more!

Enamelware slotted spoon... $8

Enamelware serving spoon... $8