Muddy's Buttercream Icing

The Delicious Details

The perfect pairing for your cake or cupcakes. 

Or slathering on cookies.
Or eating with a spoon... no judgement!

Vanilla Buttercream:
Butter is the star of this show.  We use loads of real butter and organic pure vanilla to make each batch from scratch.  Tint it if you like, but it's fabulous and elegant on its own too!

Chocolate Buttercream:
We whip loads of real butter with organic whole milk and a touch of organic pure vanilla before pouring in a river of melted dark chocolate to make each batch from scratch. Unbelievably light & airy, yet decadently creamy & flavorful.  A total dream to spread... and eat!

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one pint sized "tub" should top 12-15 cupcakes or a 6" layer cake. 
If you're making a an 8" or 9" layer cake, we recommend two tubs.

Store buttercream in refrigerator, then let come to room temperature before using and/or serving.  Remember, it's mostly butter, so if it's stored where butter will melt, it will melt... and if it's stored where butter gets hard, it will get hard!

For best results, spoon the buttercream into a bowl and fluff it up a bit using an electric hand mixer, a stand mixer, or a vigorously wielded wooden spoon! Add a few drops of milk or cream to help "smooth" it out :)