Special Spices

The Delicious Details

Spice up your pantry with these amazingly fragrant & flavorful spices from The Reluctant Trading Experiment.  We love using these spices because we can rely on every batch being top notch and incredibly fresh.  No stale spices here!

Each tube contains 2 ounces of spice.  

Tellicherry Black Peppercorns, whole
Their signature product- the one that launched the company. Mr. Divakar regularly travels the pepper farms and picks the largest, most fragrant Tellicherry peppercorns. He ships them direct in small lots so they stay incredibly fresh.
The whole black Tellicherry peppercorns have a beautiful citrus aroma and will be a welcome addition to your kitchen! We use them in our savory snackers, molasses ginger cookies, and more.

Ginger, ground

This dried ground ginger has a gorgeous lemon and vanilla scent. And of course, it has that pungent peppery zing that makes it anything but boring! Mr. Divakar, the partner on the ground in India, personally selects small-batch ginger from an area very close to where they source the signature Tellicherry Peppercorns, above. 
This is the secret to our fabulously flavorful ginger scones and molasses ginger cookies!

Ceylon Cinnamon, ground
Did you know there are two main types of cinnamon? The most common "supermarket" type is Cassia cinnamon. A good quality Cassia cinnamon is nice but not extraordinary with a bold, one-note flavor.
Less common is Ceylon cinnamon... The really special stuff. The crème de la cinnamon. Some call it 'true cinnamon'. Its flavor is deep & nuanced with bright citrus & floral notes, making it ideal for pastries, cakes, & desserts. It charms without overpowering. We're in love with it and you will be too.
Mr. Divakar sources this Ceylon cinnamon from a storied 250-year-old cinnamon estate in his hometown, then ships directly, so nothing sits around getting old and stale!