Whole Bean Coffee

The Delicious Details

Note: Exclusively available for in-shop pick up at our Broad Ave Kitchen!

5 lb bag of whole bean coffee

Espresso Blend #1
from our friends at Zingerman's Coffee Co is the blend we use in our espresso drinks and also tastes great brewed with an aeropress or French press.

By design, Brazilian beans coming from Daterra Estates are selected and roasted to produce a rich and hearty espresso, thick with luxurious crema and refined notes of nuts (think hazelnut or roasted Spanish peanuts). What some folks don’t realize is well-roasted espresso beans can be brewed in a drip maker to produce a great cup of coffee that is exceptionally dense, very rich and very smooth!

Velvety body, subtly sweet & super rich 

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The Brazil Peaberry
from our friends at Zingerman's Coffee Co has been a customer favorite at our Midtown shop for a few years now.  

Brazilian Peaberry coffee is not meant to stop you in your tracks. Its purpose in life seems to be to help you run out the door in the morning, to loosen you up, to make you enjoy your mornings a bit more. Mild, with just a bit of nuttiness and virtually no acidic bite, Brazilian Peaberry is easy to wake up to. It’s the kind of coffee that can easily become a habit, like it is in Brazil’s Cerrado region, where it’s grown. Get your first bag this week, and you won’t tire of it as you sip some day after day.

Roast: Light.
Tasting Notes: Mild and smooth with very little bite. Slightly nutty finish.

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