Muddy's custom studio! a totally new department of Muddy’s devoted to upping the fanciful-ness of our goodies. For quite a while, y'all have suggested more customizable options, and here we are! 

This small, dedicated team of cake artists has been busy amping up our buttercream game and are thrilled to share all the whimsical goodies they’ve been perfecting over the past few months!


We want to make it just a little easier to find the perfect dessert for your table, whether it’s for your wedding, your sister’s baby shower, cousin’s graduation, baby’s first birthday, brother’s bar mitzvah, niece’s baptism, grandpa’s retirement, or any other event that could be made sweeter with a touch of Muddy’s. 

We look forward to working with you to create your perfectly customized cake, cupcake, crispy rice treat, or heck, even your entire dessert bar!


how do i order?

For goodies this special, you go straight to the source... the gnomies in Muddy’s Custom Studio!

email: studio(at)
phone: 901.443.2114
(please keep in mind that the studio is closed Sun-Mon)

The studio generally requires 3-5 business days' notice for all orders, depending on the product, as they are a small, specialized team doing intricate custom work. All custom orders must be picked up at Muddy’s Kitchen on Broad Ave (by appt only please). We can’t wait to hear from you!


what are my options?

We have some designs prepared and you can browse that menu HERE. Additional customization is available on most options (note, prices will vary). 

Already have an idea in mind? Call 901.443.2114 or email us at studio(at), and let’s get started creating the cake of your dreams today! 

(see FAQ below for limitations)

looking for more inspiration?  check out these gorgeous goodies…

  • Neapolitan Inside Out Cake
  • Two-Tier Birthday Cake
  • Trail of Rosettes Cake
  • Sweet Garden of Cupcakes
  • Mint Ganache Cake
  • Stunning Flower Burst Cake
  • Stunning Flower Burst Cake
  • Swirly Twirly Cupcakes - Choco-PB
  • Rosette Cupcake with Leaves
  • Cute Monogram Cake
  • Flowers, Monograms & More
  • So many custom cake options!
  • Elegant Swiss Dot Cake
  • Rich Ganache Cake Filling
  • Custom Choose 901 Cake
  • Custom Crispy Rice Treats
  • Yellow Three-Layer Ombre Cake
  • Ombre Bouquet Cake
  • Ombre Bouquet Cake
  • Decadent Caramel Turtle Cake
  • Cute Monogram Cake
  • Nekkid Cherry Bomb Cake
  • Custom Color Prozac Cake
  • Muddy
  • Custom Monogram Cakes
  • Pretty Monogram Cake
  • Swirly Twirly Cupcakes - Lemon Berry
  • Custom Snow Day Cupcakes
  • Ganache Cake Topping
  • Winter Wonderland Cake
  • Chocolate & Glitter Bling Cupcakes
  • Star Wars-Inspired Cake
  • Vegan Inside Out  Three-Layer Cake
  • Girly Monogram Cake
  • Tiered Crispy Rice Treat Cake

got questions? 

Check out Studio related FAQ right HERE

...or contact us directly by filling out the form below! 



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