Muddy’s Journal

a charming charlotte's web party: customer guest post!

Today's guest post is by customer Selena McAdams, an interior designer that can be found at her shop spruce (5040 Sanderlin, Suite 103) when she isn't throwing parties to drool over!

When planning my daughter's three-year old birthday party, Charlotte's Web seemed like a natural choice. Her name is Charlotte, and she LOVES animals! 

We, really meaning her seven-year old sister, kept the animals a secret until the big trailer pulled in front of the house 30 minutes before the party. Charlotte was ecstatic!

My mode of attacking a party theme is to play to my strong points. It takes little effort to throw a theme together and execute the decorations. That comes natural being an interior designer and owning my own business, spruce. I am dealing with the presentation of details on a daily basis. Assembling those details is where I thrive.

The part that overwhelms me is the food! I have spent years torturing myself with food prep. Only in the past five years have I realized, leave that up to the professionals. : ) I try to do very little food prep especially for children's parties. Cue Muddy's & Sugaree's to be the adult crowd pleaser ... well, everyone crowd pleaser! The adults could not stop talking about the desserts! Kids are happy, adults are happy! Party is a winner!

If you're looking for farm animals for your party, I recommend Happy Times Farm. They can be found HERE online. They were so professional. They arrived 30 minutes prior to the party start and set up. They were great about walking Charlotte around to greet all the animals and making "momma" happy by staging photo ops in the most subtle manner. They stayed at the party for 2 hours which allowed the kids to move back and forth between playing, running & holding animals. The corn grinder was the big hit of the day. The kids would grind corn and then feed the animals.

The take home gifts were personalized pails with 1st place blue ribbons and spider rings.

And finally, I know you are all dying to see the full "kid approved" menu!

Peanut Butter Sandwiches (Smucker's Uncrustables, freezer to table) 

Corn dog nuggets (State Fair brand) and lots of ketchup
Classic Lays Chips
Bushels of fresh apples & microwave kettle corn flavored popcorn
Hay stacks (Rice Krispies Treats) 
Honest Berry Berry Good Lemonade & mini waters
Coconut Cake (Sugaree's)
Apple Pie (Muddy's Johnny Appleseed)
Mud Pie (Muddy's Cocoa Chanel)

At the close of the party, all the kids were happy and tired from a day of fun and the adults were raving about Muddy's Cocoa Chanel! It was definitely a day for the books!