Muddy's 101

The Food: Ingredients, etc.

What flavors are available now?

We update our online menu each Saturday evening to reflect what we’re baking for the coming week. Same menu for both walk-in “bake sale” and online. We feature an "everyday" menu of steady items like Prozac cake, Deluxe Chocolate Chip cookies, etc and each week feature something special!
If you need to double-check, email orders(at)muddysbakeshop(dot)com

How should I store my baked goods for later?

We bake fresh each day without stabilizers or chemical preservatives, so for the tastiest experience, we recommend eating your goodies within a day of purchase. That said, most pies will keep in the refrigerator for several days. Store cookies and cake/cupcakes in an airtight Tupperware at room temperature for up to 2 days. Remember, the longer items sit, the more they will dry out but most goodies will still be pretty flavorful!

How many servings do you get from each size cake or pie?

Happy you asked! A 6" layer cake typically serves 4-6 adults and an 8" layer cake serves 10-14 adults. A 10" pie comfortably serves 6-10.

Anything gluten-free, vegan, etc?

We take pride in the cleanliness of our kitchen and we keep allergens in mind when cleaning & caring for our tools. However, we do prepare everything in this single kitchen and we are not dietitians! A few of our treats are naturally gluten-free, vegan, etc simply due to their ingredients but they are not certified as allergen-free and may contain trace amounts of allergens like flour, wheat, dairy, egg, nuts, seeds, soy, peanut, etc.
For vegan items, we recommend our chocolate peanut butter bars. For flourless items, we suggest the brown butter crispy rice treats and the chocolate peanut butter bars.
We also recommend other local businesses that may fit your needs better: Pink Bakery for a variety of allergen-free baked goods and Lulu’s Foods for vegan cakes.

Do you offer sheet cakes?

Yes! The talented cake artists in our custom studio make sheet cakes that you won’t believe- double decker, totally fabulous cakes to feed a crowd!

Is there real Prozac in the Prozac cupcake?

Sorry folks, that’s a trade secret!

How many calories are in this cupcake/pie/whatever?

A lot.
Seriously though, we bake using traditional methods and the best ingredients we can- that means real butter, whole milk, real eggs, rich chocolate… we figure if you’re going to splurge, we should ensure that it's a fabulous indulgence!


I have a wedding/special occasion coming up. Can I order a custom cake or specially decorated cookies?

Yes & congrats! Email studio(at)muddysbakeshop(dot)com to schedule a consultation. Include key event details like date, theme, and number of servings. If you have a special design in mind, feel free to attach inspiration photos!
Custom designs usually need at least 3 weeks’ notice, so don't delay!

Do you have bulk pricing for large pre-orders?

With plenty of time to plan, we can occasionally arrange for “batch” pricing on large orders that are picked up at our kitchen. If you’re ordering 8+ dozen of a particular flavor or 20+ dozen total, you may qualify. Please contact us for details.

How do I place a tax-exempt order?

Our online system can't process tax-exempt orders, but we do lots of work with schools, nonprofits, etc and can happily work with you to place a tax-exempt order; please email orders(at)muddysbakeshop(dot)com (include a copy of your tax exempt form) and we'll happily assist!

Do you ship/deliver?

Our mail order program is paused so we can focus all our energies on getting super fresh baked goodness to our local customers.
We don’t deliver, but do recommend 901 Errands, a local family-run business specializing in local pickups and deliveries. Give ‘em a holler at 901.361.1270.

Where do I pick up my preorder?

Contactless pickup at the "back door" (facing the parking lot) at 2497 Broad Ave 38112.

2020... What the fudge???

Is Muddy's open?

Yes! at 2497 Broad Ave, 38112
Visit our “bake sale” Thu-Sat noon-5pm.  You can also reserve goodies online each week for contactless “back door” pickup.
Watch: Bake Sale- What to Expect When You Visit
Read: Safety & Wellness Guidelines
Watch: Preorder Pickups mask up and head down to the Broad Ave Arts District!

Do you offer contactless pickup?

Yes.  Preorder online and the pickup is completely contactless.  Order Sun-Thu for pickup Thu-Sat; must have 2 days’ notice.
Watch: How to Pre-Order Online
Watch: Preorder Pickups

Did the Midtown/Cooper shop close?

We’re no longer in the blue house on Cooper, but we’ve opened a “bake sale” shop in our kitchen on Broad Ave! No dine-in seating or espresso bar yet, but we have big plans for 2021... stay tuned.

Will the Sanderlin shop re-open?

Sanderlin will stay closed at least through the end of the year. We’re currently using it to film bake-a-longs and host live virtual classes- so fun!  We intend to reassess in January.

Ok, so not for a while... how come?

Our goal during this time is “run a viable business with minimal risk”. To me, that means keeping my business small, tight, and nimble.  A low sales week or God-forbid, an illness outbreak, would be a terrible challenge right now. But if we had twice the staff and two footprints to maintain, it wouldn’t be challenging... it’d be devastating. 
For now, keeping the operation small is our best recipe for long term viability.

Makes sense; anything good coming out of this?

A silver lining of this whole situation is that we are all LOVING our company being under one roof again. Personally, I LOVE making things, being in the kitchen more, administering (and driving!) less, spending time with customers, watering the plants every morning, and getting to work closely with every person on my team. I have renewed energy to dedicate to Muddy’s, my team, and our customers.
Being one place has turned out to be super healthy for my business, my team, and myself. In many ways, what’s happening on Broad Ave totally aligns with the spirit of Muddy’s when I first opened it on Sanderlin in 2008 - everyone is working together to make & serve the delicious food and create the fun Muddy's experiences we’re proud of. You can come into our shop and see someone icing a cake, folding a pie crust, and scooping a row of cookies (and smell those cookies baking!). I believe it makes the cookie, cake, or pie that you take home with you even more special. 
The Sanderlin location is a special place to many people - it is to me too! We’re going to take our time and thoroughly assess our next steps as we move ahead. Until then, we would love to see you on Broad Ave!
I think that you'll love what you find. 

How y'all doing?

While these are certainly challenging times, we are so appreciative that we get to do what we love, with people we love, for people we love, in a city we love. 
How are we? Grateful!

How can we help?

It sounds simple, but continue buying our cakes, cookies, pies, cupcakes, etc! Take a virtual baking class.  Visit our Broad Ave bake sale.  Rock a “support local” tote.

Spread the word! Tell your friends & family. Loved your experience? Leave a positive review and/or let us know!And if not, contact us directly so we can make it right.

Follow us on Instagram & Facebook. Sign up for the e-news.Post pics of you enjoying your Muddy’s goodies! (Y’all. It Rocks Our World to actually see people enjoying what we made for them!) #muddysbakeshop

Consider becoming a Fun House patron (it comes with special perks!)

Be extra kind to every service worker (not just us!) ... and every teacher, healthcare worker, parent, heck, every human you meet.

Keep being your wonderful, amazing self! 

We love you and we like you. We’re all in this together and there’s no community we’d rather be with through thick and thin!


What holidays is Muddy's closed?

For 2020, we will be closed the following dates: Independence Day (July 4), Thanksgiving (Nov 26-28), and Christmas (Dec 25-31).

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept credit cards & apple pay. As an added precaution during the pandemic, we are not currently handling cash.

Can I use my gift card?

Yes! If your gift card is a new one (eco-friendly and looks like a chocolate cake) bring it in to the bake sale or use it to check out online (enter the # code where it says “gift card”).

If your gift card is an old one (green plastic with logo)...
--Bake sale- easy peasy, we can ring it up for you.
--Online- Yes, it’s just a couple extra steps. Complete your purchase and pay with credit card; in the ‘special notes’, write in that you’d like to use a gift card. We’ll call you to do it manually and refund your credit card for the gift card amount. A little clunky, but it works!

I heard something about a food truck...?

Y'all, we got a food truck! OMG!
Way back in 2015, we wrote into our vision that we intended to have a food truck in operation by July 2020. We only missed it by a few months... It’s getting a teensy rehab and will hit the streets in November. *happy dance*

Will you keep doing the "Fun House" internet show?

Yes. We love that y’all love the show, so we post free episodes twice a month on our blog. For perks like printable recipes, bonus videos, etc, become a patron!

What about the baking classes?

Yes! We just launched LIVE virtual baking classes featuring some of our favorite recipes... AND Work/life classes where you can learn the “secret recipes” of how we run the behind-the-scenes. (and “Local Hero” tier patrons get a discount!)

Can I nominate a non-profit for the "refill jar"?

We’re currently brainstorming the most viable ways to reformat our outreach programs for the coming months. When we relaunch them, we’ll start with the organizations that were already slated for the months we ended up being closed before we open up nominations.

What's the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?