Muddy's 101

The Food: Ingredients, etc.

Does Muddy's offer treats for special dietary needs?

We do our best to create some recipes that accommodate a variety of dietary needs. Specific information is below, but please keep in mind that all of our treats are made onsite in our shops and in our kitchen (where we use lots of eggs, flour, milk, and nuts!) and as such we cannot guarantee that there are no trace elements of allergens in our items.
• Gluten Free/flourless: We offer several flourless items- our favorites are the crispy rice treats and vegan peanut butter bars!- but no flourless cupcakes at this time.
• Sugar free: We would love to say we’ve developed an insanely delicious bakery treat that also does not contain sugar or honey, but sadly we have not been able to create a sugar-free item tasty enough that we’d be proud to have it on our menu.
• Vegan: Several of our signature cake flavors are available as a vegan variation for preorder and we typically feature two or three vegan options each day (flavors vary).
• Nut free: At least half our goodies on a given day are not made with nuts and we take care to avoid cross-contamination in the bakery case by using separate tongs and keeping nutty items from sharing trays with non-nut items.

How many servings do you get from each size cake or pie?

Happy you asked! A 6" layer cake typically serves 4-6 adults and an 8" layer cake serves 10-14 adults. A 10" pie comfortably serves 6-10.

Do you offer sheet cakes?

Yes! The talented cake artists in our custom studio make sheet cakes that you won’t believe- double decker, totally fabulous cakes to feed a crowd!

How often does your menu change?

We change up our preorder and feature menu by season, 4 times a year. We bake fresh each day and love to keep our bakery cases well stocked with a good mix of always favorites and rotating guests stars.

How long is your product good for?/ What should I do if I'm not serving my product today/if I have leftovers?

We bake fresh each day without stabilizers or chemical preservatives, so for the tastiest experience, we recommend eating your goodies within a day of purchase. That said, most pies will keep in the refrigerator for several days. Store cookies and cake in an airtight Tupperware at room temperature for up to 2 days. Remember, the longer items sit, the more they will dry out but most goodies will still be pretty flavorful!

Is there real Prozac in the Prozac cupcake?

Sorry folks, that’s a trade secret!

How many calories are in this cupcake/pie/whatever?

A lot.
Seriously though, we bake using traditional methods and the best ingredients we can- that means real butter, whole milk, real eggs, rich chocolate… we figure if you’re going to splurge, we should ensure that it's a fabulous indulgence!


How far in advance should I place my pre-order?

• For our standard, published menu: We bake all of our preorders fresh for you! Some folks love to plan ahead and get their orders in 6 months in advance, but most folks contact us 3-10 days before they need their item. Occasionally we can accommodate orders within 48 hours- best to call the shop directly if you have a cake emergency and need one quick!
• For Custom Studio orders: Studio orders are more complex to plan and create, so naturally take more lead time. They also tend to book up farther out due to weddings, etc. We recommend contacting the Studio at least 4-6 weeks prior for custom cakes; 3 months in advance is recommended for wedding cakes and especially large orders.

What about holidays?

Holidays do tend to book up earlier (even we can only make so much in one day!), so place your order early! Muddy's is closed 4th of July, Thanksgiving day and weekend, and Christmas Day through New Years' Day.

Can I place a preorder at one shop and pick it up at the other?

Yes of course! Be sure to tell the gnomie taking your order which location you’d like to pick up at and we’ll take care of the rest!

Do y'all offer tastings?

Our Custom Studio is happy to set up a tasting for special occasion cakes!

Do you have bulk pricing for large pre-orders?

With plenty of time to plan, we can occasionally arrange for “batch” pricing on large orders that are picked up at our kitchen. If you’re ordering 8+ dozen of a particular flavor or 20+ dozen total, you may qualify. Please contact us for details.

How do I place a tax-exempt order?

Our online system can't process tax-exempt orders, but we do lots of work with schools, nonprofits, etc and can happily work with you to place a tax-exempt order; please call your preferred location or stop by in person!


When is Muddy's closed?

Sundays and Mondays, plus select holidays. For 2020, we will be closed the following dates: Independence Day (July 4), Thanksgiving (Nov 26-28), and Christmas (Dec 25-26).

Does Muddy's offer free wifi?

Yes we do, however we are designed with human-to-human interaction in mind rather than human-to-screen. The experience we work hard to create is one of enjoyment, fellowship, and hospitable welcome and I was raised that party guests have as much a role in making that happen as the host! Your computer is welcome here, but please help us keep Muddy's a friendly, people-centered place!

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