Muddy's 101

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Is Muddy's open?

Yes! Walk in and shop our "bake sale" at 2497 Broad Ave, 38112
OPEN Wed - Fri 10-5:30 and Sat 10-4.  
You can also reserve goodies online each week for contactless “back door” pickup. Watch: Preorder Pickups head down to the Broad Ave Arts District!

Do you offer contactless, outdoor pickup?

Preorder online at least 2 days in advance. Pickup is completely contactless.
If you need something faster, call us during open hours and we'll help matchmake you with something available-- or just swing by and shop the bakery!
Watch: Preorder Pickups

Can I walk in and shop?

Yes! We're open for walk-in Wed - Fri 10-5:30, and Sat 10-4 at 2497 Broad Ave.
We take touchless payment (credit card, gift card, apple pay) only please (no cash).

Did the old retail locations close? Will they reopen?

After much prayer and discernment, I have decided to completely consolidate Muddy's into one location. Our kitchen on Broad Ave is now a splendidly awesome all-in-one bakery experience!

Wait, for real?

My priority during the pandemic has been "run a viable business with minimal risk". To me, that meant keeping my business small & nimble, both for operational and personal bandwidth reasons. My mom has always said it's a wise person who knows what is "enough". Keeping the operation small this year has been a super effective recipe for success and I’m extremely proud of the decisions we’ve made... and the discoveries we've made!

Adjusting & adapting got us asking... “what is the best way forward now?” (rather than clinging to "but we've always done it this way") Turns out, we LOVE being a one-location business. Like, seriously LOVE IT.  We feel closer to our mission than ever before and can see a bright shining way forward...

New Things

One Muddy's?

A silver lining of 2020 is that we have absolutely LOVED being all under one roof again. It's been extremely rewarding for me and healthy for the business as well.
In many ways, the Muddy's experience on Broad Ave totally aligns with the spirit of Muddy’s when I first opened it on Sanderlin in 2008 - everyone is working together to make & serve the delicious food and create the fun Muddy's experiences we’re proud of. You can drop in and see someone icing a cake, folding a pie crust, and scooping cookie dough (and smell those cookies baking!). We believe it makes the cookie, cake, or pie that you take home with you even more special. And it's the experience I've always wanted to share with our customers.
The Sanderlin location is where this experience was born, and it's hard to say goodbye to a place that has meant so much to me and to others. But our future- the best possible Muddy's we can be- means being one awesome location with a truly unique experience for both customers and staff. And I am running toward that future with arms wide open and a spring in my step!

We very much hope to see you on Broad Ave-- I think you'll love what you find. 

What does Future Muddy's look like?

We have a vision (naturally, lol) and it won't happen overnight.

Our current top priority is still to operate safely & sustainably during this pandemic.

But our goal for the future is... Muddy's will be one unique, special bakery in the heart of Memphis. It will include a large, visible kitchen where we make cookies, cakes, pies, cupcakes, and more from scratch and by hand. Guests will shop and dine in our cozy & welcoming shop; sipping a freshly made coffee and watching the action happening in the kitchen while you browse. You will get to take baking classes- live or virtually- from a number of friendly, skilled bakers and you can even host gatherings in our fun party space. Our food truck will take the Muddy's experience on the road, making stops in neighborhoods, civic events, and private parties. We also will share the "recipes" for how we work, how we serve, and how we operate with other small businesses and professionals in our community through our open-to-the-public training classes, sharing the Muddy's magic with anyone who wants to learn.

So there it is in a nutshell... we'd love for you to read the full vision!

Why Broad Ave?

Practically, it's where our kitchen is and has been since 2012... commercial ovens, floor mixers, etc. We do need our kitchen- and it'd be ghastly expensive to move it!

But beyond practicality, I do believe Broad Ave is a great fit for our vision of future Muddy's.
The Broad Ave Arts District is creative, colorful, and fun. It's full of textures, possibility, history... and the sunrises and sunsets are truly spectacular here. As a local independent business, we love being surrounded by other local independent businesses.
Broad Ave is a crossroads street, nestled cozily between several major neighborhoods and diverse communities. Proximity to Sam Cooper makes it easy to get to from anywhere in Memphis. We're a hop, skip, and a jump from the Children's Museum, Zoo, Overton Park, the new Collage Dance arts center, and more. We have an airy, large space here that is flexible to future projects. We adore our enormous street-facing windows and parking is not too bad. ;)

We've already called Broad Ave home for 10 years... welcome to our very belated housewarming party! We're so glad you're here!

What's this about a food truck?

Y'all, we got a food truck! OMG!
It's so super cute and fun. Want us to bring the treat truck to your neighborhood, workplace, or school? Shoot us an email or fill our this form and if applicable, be sure to cc the person in your organization who has authority to grant permission :)

And baking classes?

You can take in person baking classes, virtual baking classes ... AND Work/life classes (the “secret recipes” of how we run the business). We have open-to-the-public classes listed on our Eventbrite page but if you're interested in a private event, please contact us :)

Sounds awesome.

Yep, we are LOVING it!

The Food: Ingredients, etc.

What flavors are available now?

We update our online menu monthly with the specials we'll be baking up for the season. Same menu for both walk-in “bake sale” and online. We feature an "everyday" menu of steady items like Prozac cake, Deluxe Chocolate Chip cookies, etc and each month feature something special!
If you need to double-check, email orders(at)muddysbakeshop(dot)com

Can I walk in and get any flavor I want?

We bake everything super fresh, from scratch and restock as items come out of the oven, but we DO sell out of items! Of course, we don't bake our entire repertoire every day-- we bake our "everyday" menu and rotate in monthly specials (and even some surprise bakes!). Check this month's menu to see what seasonal treats we're baking for a limited time.
The best way to get exactly what you want is to reserve your items at least 2 days in advance: order online anytime or call during open hours.
Walk in bakes are first come, first serve-- ideal for folks who want amazingly yummy treats and enjoy the thrill of discovery!

How should I store my baked goods for later?

We actually wrote a whole thing about it! Check this out for lots of tips & instructions.

How many servings do you get from each size cake or pie?

Happy you asked!

Cakes: (typical birthday portions; for weddings, caterers often cut slices smaller, so more servings)
6" layer cake : serves 4-6
8" layer cake: serves 10-14
4" smash cake: serves 2
13x9" sheet cake: serves 24
two-tier cake: serves 30-40

Pie: generous slices
10" pie serves 6-8
7" pie serves 4-6
4" pie serves 1-2
7" chicken pot pie serves 4 comfortably

Do you bake anything gluten-free, vegan, etc?

"Free from" baking is not our specialty.
While a few treats are naturally "free from" simply due to their ingredients, we are not an allergen-free facility and products may contain trace amounts of allergens like flour, wheat, dairy, egg, nuts, seeds, soy, peanut, etc.
For vegan items, we suggest our chocolate peanut butter bars. For flourless items, we suggest the brown butter crispy rice treats and the chocolate peanut butter bars.

We also recommend other local businesses that may fit your needs better:
Lulu’s Bakery & Cafe for vegan cakes & muffins
Bedrock Eats for gluten-free & keto goodies
Lydia's Healthy Edibles for vegan &/or gluten-free cakes & cookies
Guilt-Free Pastries for a variety of vegan & gluten-free options
Jacques Louise for gluten-free cakes, muffins, and more

How many calories are in this cupcake/pie/whatever?

Probably a lot. :)
Seriously though, we bake using traditional methods and the best ingredients we can- that means real butter, whole milk, real eggs, rich chocolate… we figure if you’re going to splurge, we should ensure that it's a fabulous indulgence!


I have a wedding/special occasion coming up. How do I order a custom cake or specially decorated cookies?

Best wishes! We think you'll say "I do" to our beautiful decorated cakes. Check them out here.

Do you offer a volume discount for large pre-orders?

With plenty of time to plan, we can occasionally arrange for “batch” pricing on extra large orders. If you’re ordering 8+ dozen of a single item or 20+ dozen total, you may qualify. Please contact us for details.

How do I place a tax-exempt order?

Our online system can't process tax-exempt orders, but we do lots of work with schools, nonprofits, etc and can happily work with you to place a tax-exempt order; please email orders(at)muddysbakeshop(dot)com (include a copy of your tax exempt form) and we'll happily assist!

Do you ship/deliver?

We don't ship or deliver, but many of our customers enjoy using Blue Sky Couriers or Just Bee Helpin' to delivery baked treats across the city!

Where do I pick up my preorder?

Contactless pickup at the "back door" (facing the parking lot) at 2497 Broad Ave 38112.
Watch: Preorder Pickups


What holidays is Muddy's closed?

In 2024, we plan to be closed Thanksgiving weekend and the week of Christmas Day - New Years' Day.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept credit cards, Muddy's gift cards, & apple pay. No cash, please.

Can I use my gift card?

Yes! If your gift card is a new one (eco-friendly and looks like a chocolate cake) bring it in to the bake sale or use it to check out online (enter the # code where it says “gift card”).

If your gift card is an old one (green plastic with logo)...
--Bake sale- easy peasy, we can ring it up for you.
--Online- Yes, it’s just a couple extra steps. Complete your purchase and pay with credit card; in the ‘special notes’, write in that you’d like to use a gift card. We’ll call you to do it manually and refund your credit card for the gift card amount. A little clunky, but it works!

What about donations?

We've always made community investment a priority! Fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. More info about our giving options & priorities can be found here.
Please understand that we receive MANY more requests than we can accommodate- we wish we could say "yes" to all!

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