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A Coffee Collaboration

Alright, Kip here. So, as some of you fine, observant folks may have noticed, at the beginning of the year we switched our coffee to J. Brooks coffee roasters. We did a long series of taste tests of local roasters and found J. Brooks to be our fave. We asked 'em to make us a custom Muddy's Bake Shop coffee blend and that they did! I present to you our very own coffee, "Gnome Sweet Gnome!"

Not only can you buy it by the cup (free refills!) but you can also buy your very own 12oz bag of ground coffee to take home and brew up as strong (or light) as you like! John and Ben of J. Brooks describe the coffee as a light medium roast that's mellow and crisp and smooth all day! Sounds good to me. This is a caffeinated coffee but we also have fresh brewed Clarion decaf which they say is medium and smooth, stealthy, balanced, and too good to be decaf! I love it.

J. Brooks Premium Coffee Roasters was founded in 2010 by Ben Bondurant and John Pitman. They're both very experienced coffee roasters that decided they couldn't stay out of the business and had to create their own company so they can roast all day. I think we understand that.... They have a combined 11 years of experience and are both really awesome guys. We're so happy to be partnered with 'em!