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a few price changes

Did some prices change recently?
Yes. We?ve adjusted our cupcakes, cake, and a few cookies by 10-12% in response to increased costs of both food & labor.
Our last cupcake increase was in 2012, so this truly isn?t unexpected or non-routine. For example, over the last year alone the cost of butter increased almost 30%; eggs have risen about 20%. As many of you are all too aware, the cost of employment and compliance has also risen substantially over the last three years. 

Will there be any more changes?
Eventually.  The current price change moves the base line of our prices a bit simply to keep up with inflationary costs.  In a few months we'll introduce of a 2nd "tier" of goods.  We've long gotten requests from y'all for various flavors and treats and sometimes it's possible, but often we just can't do it and make it fit within our "one price for all" structure.  By introducing a 2nd level of cupcake/cake price, we'll be able to be a lot more innovative with flavors and respond better to what y'all want!  We'll share more information on that as we roll it out in a few months- so exciting!

Our pricing philosophy
It?s impossible for a business to have the best quality, best service, AND lowest prices? and we set out to be the best!
We remain committed to fair pricing, which includes pricing our goods at their value so we can continue using high quality ingredients, hiring & training the very best team members, investing in excellent service, contributing to the community, and basically doing all those things that make us proud to be Muddy?s!

If you have questions about any of this, feel free to email me at and we can chat!
xoxo, Kat