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a sweet customer story: a dog named muddy

a sweet customer story: a dog named muddy

Many thanks to longtime customer Elaine Gumbert for sharing the story of Muddy the dog with us. We enjoyed it so much that we knew other customers would love to hear it too! Do you have your own story of a delightful way Muddy's has had an impact on your life? If so, we'd love to hear them! 

On May 9, 2009, our family went out for cupcakes and came home with a dog.

That morning, we read a review in The Commercial Appeal about a new bakeshop in town, Muddy’s. We had already heard great things about the cupcakes, especially the Prozac, so we decided to take our kids and check it out.

On our way into the shop from our car, we walked past a number of adorable dogs from Real Good Dog Rescue, which was holding an adoption event on the walkway outside Muddy’s. We had been tossing around the idea of getting a dog for a few months, but we hadn’t even gone to the shelter to look yet. We stopped to meet a few of the dogs on the way in and even walked one of them around for a bit, but none of them felt like the right dog. Then we saw Muddy.

Of course, his name wasn’t Muddy yet. After Real Good Dog Rescue saved him from the Memphis Animal Shelter, his foster named him Whiskey because of the color of his fur. He was described as a young adult wire-haired terrier mix who is very friendly and gets along well with everyone—both people and other dogs. That Saturday, he seemed quiet and a bit overwhelmed, but we figured that’s exactly how we would have behaved too if we had been in his situation.

We thought about Whiskey as we stood in line for cupcakes. We enjoyed some Plain Janes, some Pucker Ups, and some Prozacs while we tried to imagine Whiskey as part of our family. After we left Muddy’s, we walked him around a bit and then decided to try him out overnight. That was almost eight years ago.

Whiskey was shy that first day, but we all quickly got used to each other. The only glitch came when son, then four, started running around the house singing, “I LOVE WHISKEY! I LOVE WHISKEY!” That was when we decided Whiskey needed a new name. Since Muddy’s Bake Shop had brought us together, we thought Muddy would be the ideal name for the newest member of our family.

Real Good Dog Rescue had described Whiskey as the perfect dog, and that’s exactly what Muddy still is. He arrived at our house healthy, loving, and fully trained. He has never chewed on anything he wasn’t supposed to, had an accident in our house, or even begged at the table. Our friends and family are always amazed at what a well-behaved, fun, and affectionate dog he is. I can’t take credit for that. He came that way.

I don’t know what happened to him in his early years that landed him at the Memphis Animal Shelter, and I imagine I never will, but I am so grateful to the people at Real Good Dog Rescue for saving our dog so he could become the perfect addition to our family. And to Muddy’s Bake Shop for being the reason we found each other.