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all things change...

On November 1 a few price changes will take effect.

For the last 4+ years we tried to be the high-quality AND high-service AND low-cost provider in our market, but as any one with experience will tell you, that is not a combination that works long term.

In order for us to continue using the quality ingredients we use and to keep (and attract) the quality staff who make an experience at Muddy's so special, we need to raise the prices on some of our goods.

If Muddy's is going to be a sustainable business that lasts long term, grows with Memphis, and continues to contribute to our local economy and job market, then I need to man up and get realistic about pricing.

Currently, our cupcake prices are 28% lower than our most comparable local competitors (same size cupcake as ours, not closest geographically).

However, we use ingredients like organic milk and free range eggs, which cost a good deal more.

We pay our staff a competitive wage and make it a priority to hire people who want to be here, not people for whom food service is a last resort, because we want your experience here to be awesome.

Some prices are staying the same (cookies, cake slices, whole cakes and pies, etc). Others are averaging out; all pie slices will be $3.75 (currently some are $3.50, some are $4).

The biggest change is the cupcake pricing. As stated, we are currently 28% below our most similar competitors; as of November 1 we will charge $2 for a cupcake, which is still 11% below those same competitors, but will give us more options long term in room to grow and improve and the ability to take care of our staff.

Thanks to all of you for 'listening'. Some advised me to just change the prices stealthily and hope few would notice, but since Day 1 so many of y'all have been "in" the business- offering advice and ideas, giving me a boost when I felt overwhelmed. This isn't the kind of place where we operate in dark rooms, and I'm not going to start now. Feel free to let me know if you have questions or concerns- my door is always open!



-Kat? (eat AT muddysbakeshop DOT com)