amanda loves: craft social

Here's Amanda, weighing in on our recent craft social, one of her recent "love" items on her super-awesome blog!

I loved the Muddy's craft social!

Dig it: The Muddy's gang apparently doesn't get enough of one another during the work week. We tend to like to find ways to spend time together, doing group activities outside of work when we can. Such was the case when Wejay asked if we would like to do a craft social, specifically to do some sewing. Lots of us were very interested! Eventually, it was decided that we would all work on making aprons (makes sense, eh? Most of us wear aprons on a daily basis at work, and very many of us wear aprons at home as well!)

Not all of the crafty folks that day had machines of their own. So those who did, brought theirs for others to use at the social. Sweet deal! I didn't even have any fabric to use, and people were gracious enough to donate fabric to the cause (my cause?) Not all of the crafty folks that day had much, if any, sewing experience/knowledge. Those who did, shared their knowledge and patiently tutored some of us in basic pattern making, cutting, and sewing techniques. I felt like I was saying 'Wejaaaaay!' every couple of minutes. It was an awesome way to spend a Sunday afternoon with some awesome folks.

Some of us ended up staying for HOURS, working on our aprons. I'm still working on mine, and will post a photo of it as soon as it's finished.

(Today's photo is of Jessica, one of our bakers, working on getting her fabric cut out.)

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