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amanda loves: kelsey and eli

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Day 224/365 I love that Kelsey and Eli came to visit Muddy's!

It is sooooo awesome to look up and see that people I love have popped into my job. Just search this blog, and you'll see a couple of different postings dedicated to this subject. You'd also find a couple of different postings dedicated to these two folks. That's because I love them sooooooo and they are so darn cute. I can't help but to pull out a camera whenever they're around.

This was a particularly sweet Kelsey-Eli sighting because Kelsey is going to school in North Carolina this fall and I wasn't sure if I'd get to see her before her departure. I was so happy to see her! And, of course, Eli's my son, so I'm always glad to see his precious face. I am so thankful they dropped by the bakery to see me that night!