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amanda loves: little jars of flowers

Check out other things Amanda Loves here! As for the flowers, I love them, too. Wejay brought me some flowers to the bakery for my birthday in June and I loved them so much I decided we needed more around the shop. Special thanks to Mark who keeps our supply fresh and lovely and Nicci who freshens the water and arranges the blooms! -kat

Day 216/365 I love the little jars of flowers at Muddy's!

This past month, little jars and vases and tin cans of fresh flowers began appearing around the bake shop (thanks to Kat, I assume.) I think they're the most pleasant little things to look upon! Which is an important little 'happy' during these humid Memphis days when the shop is hustling and bustling (and THEN some!)

PS from Kat: Mom told me a story from the other day when she was folding boxes... she saw a little girl (maybe 6 yrs) in line and while her parents were talking, she circled one of the tables, smoothing the tablecloth, sniffing the flowers, and touching the tops of the chairs. Once she'd finished her inspection, she clasped her hands together and announced "I LOVE it!" It made Mom's day!