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amanda loves: sock flop

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Day 178/365 I loved the Muddy's Sock Hop Flop!

Ahhhhhh. The Sock Hop!

A couple of months ago, a few of the people at work brought up the idea of hosting a sock hop one Saturday night. It was meant to be a way for Muddy's employees and patrons to mingle with one another, let loose, and have a little fun! We shut down operations at the shop two hours early that night, brought out baked goods for sock hop attendees to help themselves to, and just waited for the fun to begin. The girls and I got all dolled up in our best interpretations of what one would look like at a sock hop, mostly consisting of jean capris, ponytails, and red lipstick. And candy cigarettes, as you can see, compliments of Kathleen!

Notice the strikethrough of the word 'hop' in the title line of today's posting? And the use of the word 'flop', in a clever play of words (the phrase coined by Kathleen, in specific.) The sock hop really played out like this: The only Muddy's employees in attendance were the ones on duty that night, with the addition of Lea and Kathleen (an honorary employee.) The customers who drifted in an out that night were thoroughly confused as to why we didn't seem to be open, but we weren't closed either. And what was with the funny get-ups the employees were in?

So, it wasn't so much of a sock hop as a sock flop, but you know what? Those of us there had a ball with one another, and even had a few customers stick with us, have some cookies, and have a Soul Train-style dance line. Fun times!