and the winner is...

Actually, the winners ARE... there was some small confusion as to whether we were counting walk-in sales only or including pre-order cupcakes. SO, we're awarding two people the prize!

Congrats to Caleb Burch for guessing 3,731 (number of cupcakes sold to walk-ins were 3,768) and Janet Wogomon for guessing 4,521 (total cupcakes sold were 4,533).

This was a FASCINATING project. It was so interesting to see everyone's perceptions of our volume and business. We got guesses at low as 78 and as high at 50,000. I'm still not sure which of those two guesses blows my mind more. In case you're wondering where most people were guessing, here is my unscientific* breakdown.

under 300 cupcakes 9%

301-900 cupcakes 40%

901-2000 cupcakes 30%

2001-4000 cupcakes? 15%

4001-10,000 cupcakes 5%

over 10,000 cupcakes 1%

one bazillion cupcakes 1 person? (loved that)

*unscientific... my guesses about the trends based on reading every single slip of paper, but not recording the results and making a formal comparison

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