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Muddy's Annual Review: 2019 By the Numbers

Muddy's Annual Review: 2019 By the Numbers

Hey there friends!  

Well, 2019 is officially over and all the numbers are in... my team and I are always practicing and expanding transparency, so this year we're sharing our annual review with YOU! 

A few things to note:

1. Muddy's has THREE bottom lines. 
That means that, YES, profit is important (an organization can't survive without them-- even nonprofits). But they're not the only thing we measure success by.  Our three bottom lines are: Healthy Profits, Outstanding Experiences, and Delicious Food. 
That means that for us, the experiences and the product aren't means to a profitable end, they are important ends-unto-themselves.  There also can be tension between bottom lines at any given moment (ie: using  $200 whiskey in our Tollhouse Jack pie would be an A+ on Delicious Food but an F on Healthy Profits) and we encourage staff to think holistically about them... imagine a three-legged stool.  It's ok for it to wobble a bit, but if we allow our bottom lines to get too far out-of-alignment by over-emphasizing or neglecting one, the stool will topple.
It also means we understand that we can't be amazing at everything and too many priorities is as bad as none at all.  This kind of discipline is hard, but important.
(ps. we do believe there's such a thing as profitability that is UNhealthy... if you're curious, I'd love to chat!)

2. Muddy's is a mission-centered business.
The numbers we measure and report on are ones we feel are valuable in gauging our health on our three bottom lines, but also to see how we're tracking with our mission...  
Muddy's exists to love & serve our community! To be a place where kindness is contagious, hospitality is legendary, and every bite you eat is outrageously delicious. A place where every person matters and we use our powers for good. A place you can't wit to visit again; an experience you're proud to share.

3. You ARE this community.
Muddy's isn't just the people who work here, it's you.  It's customers, suppliers, staff, neighbors, nonprofit partners, and more.  It's totally your business where we're spending our time and resources, what we're putting into our food, and how we're planning projects.  Obviously there are loads more numbers (how many events last year? how many people employed? etc)-- if there's something you want to know, let's have a conversation!   kat(at)

Enjoy our 2019: By the Numbers report!