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ask a baker: icing tips on icing tips

This week I get to answer a fun question about how we do things right here in the Muddy's Bake Shop kitchen: 'What kind of icing tips do you use to ice such perfect cupcakes every time?

So let's see just how big of a Muddy's fan you are. Do you know how many different icing tips we use to make our lovely (and tasty) cupcakes?

If you guessed three, you win! These tips may have more sophisticated names elsewhere, but we refer to them as:

1. the round tip

2. the star tip

3. the vegan tip

A majority of our cupcakes are iced with the round tip, though our star tip is featured quite frequently as well! The tip we use is a Wilton 1A, and here Robyn shows us the round tip in action!

Aren't those some beautiful Pucker Up Cupcakes? Lemon cake + lemon icing: it's in the case every week for a reason, folks!

The star tip is hard to mess up. Most beginners can make a beautiful cupcake with it in no time. Our star tip is the Wilton 1M model, but we have to bend the spokes out a little bit to allow icing to be piped through well. Here Gwen's Frankly Scarlett models our star tip.

Gwen has been hard at work making Frankly Scarletts for you today. If you are a fan of red velvet cake + cream cheese icing, don't wait another minute! Come to Muddy's and enjoy Gwen's masterpieces today!

Finally, we have the vegan tip, which we use exclusively for our vegan cupcakes so there is never any confusion about what is vegan and what is not. This tip is an Ateco 864, and it makes a beautiful cupcake!


Stephanie is showing us the way a vegan tip works here on a non-vegan Classic Cupcake, as our supplies were rather limited for the photo shoot. You may not recognize it without its characteristic rainbow sprinkles, but that vanilla cake + chocolate icing combo is quite literally a classic! And to all the vegans out there, it is is available in a vegan version as well!

Happy icing!