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baer bones: lovin' from the oven for our four-legged friends!

Toni Baer has been baking Baer Bones dog treats exclusively for Muddy's Bake Shop since March of this year, and in that short time, she has already generated quite the furry fanbase across the Memphis metropolitan area!

Baer Bones are peanut butter dog biscuits, home-baked by a lovely lady with so much puppy love, your dog is bound to taste it (even if he or she is the type to devour a treat in .025 seconds)! The story of Baer Bones begins many years ago, when Toni?a retired Physical Therapist, wife, and mother of two?decided that her fur baby (a Bichon Frise named Hastings) deserved better than the stale preservative-laced dog treats available in the commercial market.

Toni always loved to cook and bake, so when she found a recipe for peanut butter dog treats, it was easy for her to adapt it to suit Hastings' taste and need for a healthy treat. Toni says she likes "the idea of using ingredients out of [her] own pantry and refrigerator, as fresh as possible," which just so happens to be Muddy's philosophy regarding the treats we make for humans, too! When longtime friend Kat (yes, THE Kat, Muddy's Queen Supreme), came to her house one day, Toni gave her a dog treat and said, "Here, make a friend." Kat saw that Toni's treats were a perfect fit with Muddy's, and so a spot at Muddy's Bake Shop was cleared to make way for Baer Bones. Muddy's "lovin' from the oven" isn't just for the two-legged anymore!

Today, Toni's Bichon Frise is nine-years old and thriving, no doubt due to his healthy diet including his mama's amazing Baer Bone treats! You can see just how joyful and full of life he is on the label of every Baer Bones dog treat. That handsome gentleman is Hastings himself, Toni's dog who has clearly been benefitting from Baer Bones for years!

So next time you come to Muddy's to treat yourself, remember we have goodies for your four-legged friends too! Don't miss all of the adorably unique seasonal labels, created with the help of Toni's daughter, Whitney: this summer Hastings dons sunglasses, and beginning this week, he is getting ready for July 4th in his Uncle Sam hat. And this fall look out for a new flavor, both healthy and tasty to your best furry friends: pumpkin!