Muddy’s Journal

baker's choice: coconut cloud pie!

"Have you ever had a cloud in your mouth?"

What about a cloud made of scratch-made cream pie filling loaded with real coconut, topped with mounds of whipped cream, and as much crunchy toasted coconut as it can possibly hold?

Was that cloud encased in a buttery hand-prepared graham cracker crust that had you shamelessly licking the last crumbs off your fingertips?

Then you, my friend, must have already tried this week's Baker's Choice: Coconut Cloud Pie!

It's a classic pie, but absolutely no one does it like we do here in Muddy's Kitchen. Our bakers' pride is evident in all of their scrumptious handiwork, but they've decided this week that this masterpiece is truly the cream (pie) of the crop! I will let them tell you in their own words all the many reasons why....

I love cream pies, and I love coconut! Especially toasted coconut. So it goes without saying that I LOVE this pie. It's coconut and fluffy, like a coconut cloud! -CJ

I like the graham cracker crust. And it's very pretty and yum! -Gwen

Oh my gosh, I don't even like coconut, and I love this pie. I love all the flavor in the cream filling and the crunchy coconut on top ? just wow. -Emily P.

The crunchy toasted coconut on top (and there's loads of it) complements the creamy cream (and there is a ton of that). Have you ever had a cloud in your mouth? Get that cloud in your mouth! -Leah