baker's choice: mochaccino cupcakes!

Don't know if you heard, but this weekend Muddy's turned seven! Muddy's Kitchen has seen some major changes through those seven years, but we're still cranking out that same lovin' from the oven that you've expected from us since day one. One of the things that keeps our bakers going just so happens to be the Baker's Choice of the week: the Mochaccino Cupcake!

Our Mochaccino Cupcake is what happens when Muddy's famous devil's food chocolate cake is combined with just the right amount of irresistible cappuccino buttercream. And we never forget that chocolate-covered espresso bean on top! Our cappuccino icing is made with real espresso, meaning the smell is to die for and--you have been warned--these actually pack a little punch of delicious, delicious caffeine. Here's what our bakers had to say about one of their favorite cupcakes:

It's for caffeine and chocolate lovers! -Jessica

It's got caffeine. And it tastes good, too! -Bridget

If you like coffee (like us bakers), what more could you want? The Mochaccino is a coffee lover's dream. -Robyn

It's caffeinated chocolate. Seriously, it's breakfast and coffee all-in-one. You can shove it in your face and go. You know I wouldn't even be here if it weren't for the Mochaccino Cupcake! -Bill

Whether you're having a hard time waking up (like our bakers today apparently), or just want to indulge in one of your favorite flavor combinations, come see us at Muddy's Bake Shop or Muddy's Grind House this week--March 2-7--and treat yourself to a Mochaccino Cupcake... or a dozen!

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