baker's choice: rosette cookies!

May the fourth be with you, my gentle readers. This week's Baker's Choice has absolutely nothing to do with Star Wars, but we at Muddy's Bake Shop would like to take this opportunity to wish you a merry Star Wars Day anyway! We hope you are starting your week right with a movie marathon accompanied by your favorite person, your favorite beverage, and your favorite cupcake.

So Muddy's Baker's Choice is actually all about the end of this week: Mother's Day! A dozen roses are the traditional gift for the special ladies in our lives, but here at Muddy's Bake Shop we believe those roses should taste as good as they look. That's why this week Muddy's bakers have selected our Rosette Cookies this week!

Our Rosette Cookies begin with Muddy's famous butter cookies and all their rich, toasty, buttery goodness. The rosette part comes in when our bakers top those scrumptious cookies with rosettes of three of your favorite buttercream icings: cream cheese, lemon, and strawberry. They will be in our case all week, but we also encourage you to call 901.683.8844 to place your order today for a dozen: mothers all over Memphis loved them last year, and we know they are counting on them this year too!

Here are a few reasons why our bakers think you and your mama need Rosette Cookies in your life this week!

I made them this morning, and they are simply beautiful. And they are DELICIOUS. I mean, they have to be with sooooooo much butter! -Emily P.

They're beautiful. They really are stunning cookies. -Emily G.

It's like your favorite desserts all combined in one pretty package! The icing from your favorite cupcake is finally on your favorite cookie. It could just be your new best friend. -Jordan

Rosette Cookies look like little fairy houses sprinkled in fairy dust! These are a limited time thing, so eat as many as you can this week. Just make sure you don't eat the fairies--they don't like that. -Amanda D.

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