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big BIG news!

(edit April 2, 2011: The post below was our APRIL FOOL'S joke! The link at the bottom should be a big clue, but still... just wanted to make it clear to future readers that what you will read below is in no way true. If you believe it, I have some valuable property I'd like to sell you in Florida...) :)

I've been working hard on this business for over three years- doing my best to make a great place for Memphians, but also a great business model that can be expanded and/or marketable in lots of communities. As I learned in business school: "grow or die". And as I learned from Jerry Maguire: "show me the money." And y'all know I'm all about the money.

So, I am thrilled to announce that Muddy's has been purchased by a large international corporation owned by Monsanto. This new opportunity will allow us to spread our spatulas to cities all over the country! We'll be streamlining our processes (ex: much more efficient to outsource our pre-order taking to India and we can replace bakers with cheaper robots) and before we know it, Muddy's will be on every corner.

Naysayers complain that this will negatively affect our local and community focused efforts. However, by going global with a mega-corporation we will have even MORE opportunities to get involved! What is more local than the whole EARTH? And we'll be able to get in bed with lots of politicians, so we pay fewer (or no) taxes. This means more money in our pockets and money is green. Going green is cool, right?

We are thrilled to announce the end of the world as you know it, and the beginning of a bright new future with Muddy's Corp! And check out our snazzy new logo...

ps. Kip and I got a makeover- check it out! <--- click that link

Seriously, click the link. Otherwise you might feel kinda dumb later...