breaking news: muddy's puddings get a facelift!

So Muddy's pudding selection has always been pretty great. Our three classic flavors have been available in two sizes in our case for years, with virtually no change in packaging, price, or recipe since we opened eight years ago. In our neverending quest to produce the very best desserts on the planet, however, we gnomies were looking at our puddings recently and trying to determine what could make them even better. Honestly, the recipes were perfect--no improvements needed there. But the packaging... now that could be a bit sexier.

And now, as of today, it is! Beginning today, our pudding selection in our case will be packaged in our new ounce size pudding cups! So pretty!

These new pudding cups allow enough room for the addition of whipped cream to both our Oreo and Banana Puddings (the Dirt and Worms already had a yummy layer of fudgy chocolate icing on top), but other than that, the recipes you already love remain unchanged.

Wait, what's that? Is that a fourth flavor you see? Why, yes, it is! In addition to the three Muddy's pudding flavors you've been enjoying for years--Banana, Oreo, and Dirt n' Worms--this week, we bring you the debut of Toffee Pudding!

So those of you who have been a Muddy's pudding fan for years know that this is not technically a "new" flavor... it's been around in the past. But we now bring you a new and improved version that is here to stay. Sinfully decadent vanilla pudding is laced with crushed Toffee Bars--crunchy cookie bars topped with chocolate and toasted pecans--and topped with whipped cream and more Toffee Bar pieces. The result is a dessert you simply have to taste to understand because there is no way you have ever had such an experience as this in your mouth before!

And for those of you who haven't tried any Muddy's pudding yet, let me introduce you to the whole gang!

Banana Pudding... Layers of lusciously creamy vanilla pudding, fresh slices of banana, and vanilla wafers, topped with whipped cream.

Oreo Pudding... Ridiculously perfect vanilla pudding laced with loads of real Oreo cookie crumbs, topped with whipped cream and still more Oreo cookie crumbs!

Dirt n' Worms Pudding... Our yummy Oreo Pudding layered with chocolate cake layers, fudgy chocolate icing, and gummi worms. A favorite with the kids!

Don't worry, our family size puddings are still available for preorder, for those times when 12 ounces is just not going to cut it. But we hope you'll come in and sample all of our flavors this week!

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