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Buildout Progress Report- Sep 2021

Buildout Progress Report- Sep 2021

Thanks for your patience last week when the walk-in shop was closed-- we got so much done!

The biggest thing is our gorgeous new shop windows! Masons cut two enormous windows into the east wall and cut doorways into the back of house to connect the new space and old space. Painters came and gave the interior brick walls a few coats of sealant to keep it in good condition. We moved our storage to the space next door, freeing up lots of room in the shop.  We moved equipment around, bringing in a bigger take & bake freezer and reach-in cooler (and giving both a lot of elbow grease & TLC). While we were at it, we gave everything a good scrubbing!

We are not yet cleared for occupancy in the next-door space, so our “office” and staff break area are still “squatting” in the shop, but both are scooched further back where storage was, opening up quite a bit of breathing room. 

Once we finish up the next-door project (almost there!), office & break room will move over there and we’ll do another round of adjustments in the shop (seating area, fresh coat of paint, and a display/mix & match counter with 2nd register). 


It’s been so fun to do this renovation LIVE with y’all.  I love that rather than the project happening off stage followed by a big reveal, you all get to be part of the process from the beginning and see all the phases in real time. After a week of closing for construction (honestly, cutting windows makes a MESS--  so glad we didn’t try to just do it over a “weekend”, lol) this will be one of the more dramatic “reveals”, but we’ve got a few more little phases to go. 

Thanks for being part of it!


Muddy’s Buildout Progress Checklist

All Done!

  • Next Door- walls built & painted
  • Next Door- plumbing & electrical installed
  • Next Door- HVAC repaired & upgraded
  • Shop- two new windows on east wall
  • Shop- upgrade coolers
  • Shop- seal brickwork
  • Shop- clear out storage
  • Cut doorways between kitchen & next-door space
  • Re-stripe parking lot & align parking bollards

Currently In Progress

  • Next Door- flooring in classroom
  • Next Door- install fixtures/equipment
  • Shop- reconfigure fixtures
  • Air curtain installation at shop & pickup doors

Still to Do

  • Replant bricked in garden bed under new windows
  • Install exterior signage
  • Shop- move office & break area to new space
  • Shop- seating area
  • Shop- mix & match/display counter with 2nd register
  • Shop & Kitchen- fresh paint on walls
  • Fresh paint on exterior brick (only where it’s already painted!)
  • New preorder pickup door with “window”
  • Classroom- install fixtures & utensils for classes!

Whew!  Of course there’s lots else that goes into all that, but that serves for a summary :)

Curious about our future plans?  Check out our 2022 Vision!


Many thanks to my incredible team, Ann Parker at Parker Design Studio, Matt Futrell & Jennifer Alvarez at Grinder Taber Grinder, and YOU!