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come celebrate muddy's midtown's second birthday with us!

Hey, hey, it’s our birthday! September 30 marks the second anniversary of our second location, Muddy’s Midtown, and we’re having a party all day long! Don’t worry, no gifts required: we actually prefer to give back to all of you who have made both of our locations a success.

Here’s how it works: Friday, September 30 share in the celebration by coming to Muddy’s Midtown (at 585 S Cooper) sporting your Muddy’s swag, and we’ll give you a free cookie (anything under $1.00!) of your choice! That could be a Muddy’s T-shirt, a Muddy’s sticker (why yes, a photo of your bumper sticker counts), a Muddy’s mug, or our latest addition to our fun branded line: Muddy’s pins!

Don’t own any Muddy’s swag yet? Well, September 30 is the day to finally give into the urge because every Muddy’s swag purchase will also come complete with a free cookie (one per customer please).

Seriously, it’s you guys, Memphis, who has made these two years of Muddy’s Midtown so magical. You may remember when we opened our second location, it was Muddy’s Bake Shop’s first venture into coffee. We were learning something new, and we invited you to (and still continue to) contribute your own thoughts, ideas, and suggestions on how we could make the new location, Muddy’s Grind House, the coffee shop that you wanted. We took your ideas and ran with them, including the idea that you really wanted Muddy’s Grind House to be a second Bake Shop.

And so Muddy’s Bake Shop - Midtown (Muddy’s Midtown for short) was born, and we moved the Muddy’s Grind House name--to which we had gotten rather attached--to apply to the coffee bar itself, housed within Muddy’s Midtown.

We’ve learned a lot over the last two years as we’ve branched into bottling our own cold brew, expanded our tea selection, refined our coffee menu, and--most recently--embarked on an advanced barista training mini day camp with our friend, the ultra-talented Lance Hendrick!

And you’ve been more than generous, Memphis, in your acknowledgement of our efforts to give you the coffee shop you wanted: we were blown away when we discovered that you’d voted us Best Coffeehouse (in addition to Best Bakery and Best Dessert Shop) in the Memphis Flyer’s 2016 Best of Memphis showdown.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and we’d love you to let us thank you with that free cookie tomorrow! Just come see us at Muddy’s Midtown with your Muddy’s swag of choice, and let us hook you up. HUZZAH!