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customer spotlight: john, doug, and mark @ the grind house

One of the best things about working in a coffee house (or a bake shop, for that matter) is getting to know those wonderful regular customers that greet you with a smile every time they walk through the door. We don't like to play favorites here in the Muddy's family, but John, Doug, and Mark are such a great trio of customers that they make it hard to stick to that rule. They've been coming to Muddy's Bake Shop for years, but now Muddy's Grind House is their usual midday haunt.

We love hearing our customers' perspectives so much (you are why we do what we do, after all), that we thought it would be fun to interview John, Doug, and Mark (pictured below with Grind House manager Nicci and brew master Amy) about their long-term relationship with the Muddy's family. 

How long have you guys been customers?
Doug: We came to the Grind House grand opening!
John: But we've been going to the Bake Shop long before that.

What's your favorite thing to order here?
John: The Americano!
Doug: A latte, or a mocha, definitely.
Mark: A latte AND a Ginger Scone.
Doug: And you know, we always get a white Plain Jane Cupcake to go. It's for a lady in our office who doesn't like to go out for lunch. But she loves your plain vanilla cupcakes!

So what's so special about Muddy's? Why do you keep coming back?
Doug: It's a happy place!
Mark: It's a unique place. There's nothing else like it. It's local and really prizes its standards. You've got friendly people, outstanding service, great food and drinks, and you're always open to suggestions. You know, we're engineers, so we are always evaluating everything. Restaurants, bakeries, you name it. And I can say that Muddy's is unique because of the attitude reflected in that sign.

It's that attitude of humility, and I like that a lot. You?re always open to suggestions and don?t act as if you know it all, even though you do. It fosters a very relaxing experience.

Aw, we're blushing here. While we recover our composure, tell us, what's your favorite thing about Memphis?
Mark: The Wolf River Trail System.
John: I love that we've done a total 180 with our cycling trails in the last five years.
Doug: The best thing about Memphis? Muddy's is here!

Thank you, John, Mark, and Doug, for your ongoing patronage, and for the great interview! And thank you to all our customers for coming back to us time and again. We look forward to seeing all your shining faces and hearing every great suggestion floating around in your head as we all work toward making Muddy's--and Memphis--harder, better, faster, stronger!