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dawn is the MOST

Firstly, thanks to EVERYONE who brought us copies of the Memphis Most insert. Since all our families wanted copies too, they really came in handy!

A very special shout out to Dawn, one of our amazing regulars. Dawn brings her kids in for treats after school and also comes with friends on the weekends. Sometimes she even comes alone to hang out, relax, and just have fun. She's even helped my mom fold bakery boxes on a Saturday night! She is one of those special people that has a smile for everyone and collects friends wherever she goes.

Anyway, the week after Memphis Most came out, she strolled into the bakery with a little present for us... a framed copy of the cover! That SHE framed! Herself! It's so cool and it not only made our day super-awesome, but every time I look at it I just feel like someone gave me a hug. Thanks, Dawn!!!