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end of blueberry season

end of blueberry season

Friends, all good things must come to an end. No, don’t worry- summer is still sticking around (for a little while, anyway) but one of our fresh flavors IS going away for the season. Falcon Ridge Farm, our local source for sweet and succulent blueberries is winding down it’s season, which means we will be in short supply of some of your favorite treats.

That’s the bad news.

That good news is that you can still grab our scrumptious blueberry cake and cupcakes by preorder only through the month of August. We will need at least 2 days’ notice in advance to make sure we have the freshest fruit on hand.

You can place all pre-orders here.

At Muddy’s, our selections rotate and our seasonal flavors come and go to ensure the freshest quality ingredients! Pre-order some blueberry treats before they’re gone!