Holiday Gift Giving: Quality Time!

Holiday Gift Giving: Quality Time!

During the holiday season I tend to get wrapped up in finding the perfect gifts for the most important people in my life. I go to store after store with an impossible task, hoping that a beacon of light points me in the right direction. What I’ve learned (...and then usually forget by the next year) is that no gift will ever be "perfect", but some have the potential to be a bit more meaningful and long-lasting for all involved.  Material items are many times the right answer on a gift-buying quest, but can be ephemeral with time. My favorite kind of gift to give is one that includes built-in quality time. Call it cliché, but a moment spent together can help create a truly special and enduring memory without a hefty price tag. Plus, it’s kind of like giving a gift to yourself too—an added bonus!

It makes me SUPER EXCITED that Muddy’s offers two different types of events that would make a great gift for those you want to squeeze in a bit of extra special time with. And don’t worry, delicious treats are always involved!

 Cookie Decorating Party

A super fun (and yum-mazing!) way to spend time with someone you love is by attending one of our Cookie Decorating Parties! We frequently host these in our Midtown shop’s party room for the public to celebrate all sorts of occasions: Thanksgiving, Christmas, National Best Friend’s Day, etc. Honestly, there doesn’t need to be a holiday to sit around a table and decorate four butter cookies with icing and the fixin's with someone you love! But why not give it as a gift to that person in your life you wouldn’t mind getting a bit messy with in a room full of people ready for a fun time? No professional skills required!

Upcoming Public Parties:

  • Winter Wonderland Cookie Party
    • Saturday, January 11th at 10am
    • Saturday, January 11th at 1pm
  • National Compliment Day Cookie Party
    • Friday, January 24th at 6pm
    • Saturday, January 25th at 1pm

Grab your tickets here:


    Throughout the year we offer tours of our Broad Ave kitchen! You get a chance to peek behind the curtain and see the ovens (and people) where all the Muddy's lovin’ comes from. A couple of our gnomies will walk you around our kitchen space as all the action is happening while also teaching you a bit about the history of Muddy’s. There’s even a hands-on portion (my favorite part!) where you get to try icing cupcakes, practice cake inscriptions, and walk through the trick to “tasting” our sweets over just eating it—aka trying some of our goodies as we guide your tastebuds through the full experience. 

    You can book a private tour for up to 12 of your closest friends and family OR buy a pair of tickets for yourself and your chosen recipient to one of our upcoming public tours. Email us at to set up a private tour and keep your eyes peeled for any upcoming public ones here:

    Whether or not you give the gift quality time this year, we hope you carve out a bit of time during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season to have a special moment together with those you love most!

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