ginger scones at the Grind House!

Dad's Ginger Scones have been the sleeper hit of the Grind House since we opened.  We can't keep 'em in stock-- we make 'em, y'all buy 'em. They're SO good! 

Reminds us of an early article in the Flyer when we had JUST started construction on Muddy's Grind House...

'I'm just not interested in duplicating the first shop,' Gordon says.
As she talked, two scones resting on the table appeared awfully lonely. Asked about them, Gordon admits to spending a few hours working on new scone recipes, only for her dad, with no knowledge of her attempts, to present a better version on Christmas morning.
The Ginger Scones figure to be a hit item at the Midtown location.
'I didn't go to culinary school. I don't have this well of knowledge like some (chefs and bakers) around Memphis,' Gordon says. 'I have to have the full sensory experience.'
A visitor, taking care not to eat during the conversation, departs with the pair of scones in a paper bag, intending to snack on them later.  Before exiting the parking lot, only crumbs remained.

Totally crazy, huh?  We're having a blast with this project and LOVE the enthusiasm from y'all-- keep the ideas and feedback coming!


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