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Gnomies Give Thanks

Gnomies Give Thanks

At Muddy's gratitude is one of our six guiding values, helping to provide the framework for how we best serve our community and each other. It's more than just feeling thankful; it's noticing and appreciating the people and things you are thankful for and then expressing that thanks to those around you. 

It is easy to have the focus of Thanksgiving be on the delicious feast that accompanies the day, rather than the "giving thanks" part we can take for granted. It is one of our busiest seasons of the year which means a lot of long hours and hard work, all leading up to the joy on Thanksgiving Eve of a job well done and Memphis well served. During this season of gratitude, I asked our gnomies to take a brief moment away from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season to reflect on what they are thankful for.  Here are some of their “give thanks” moments:

I'm thankful...

...that I get to do interesting, challenging, and creative work for my job... AND I get to do it with talented, kind, hard working coworkers! -Kat G.

...for oversized sweaters from the thrift store. -Leah 

...for my Downline community and my community at work, all of whom have helped make Memphis feel like home. -Cassie 

...for family, delicious pies, & graduating from college this December! Let's go!!! -Jordan

...for my sweet hub & his music composing heart, my friends & family because they’re always ready to make me laugh & support me, all dogs (but especially my Nora Mabel girl) & most books. Blankets, always, & pie. Amen. -Hannah Lauren

...for my first nephew being born this year. I've been waiting my whole life to be an aunt and my sister finally delivered... literally and figuratively! -Kirby car, my dog, my mom--very much my mom! --planes, Disney+, and nature, specifically Mt. Rainier. -Nicola

...for dogs and cats, and all animals. I'm specifically thankful for my wonderful cat, Garbanzo. He is the strongest person I know. I am also thankful for my amazing coworkers who inspire me everyday with their love for others. - Kat D.

..for my Muddy's family and all the amazing friends I have. Also dogs. Always dogs. -Claire

...for the Bon Appétit test kitchen. -Andrew

...for my amazing crew of incredible women that come in here and bake on a daily basis. No matter what kind of day they are having they come in with a smile and a hustle ready to make baked goods for our amazing customers. -Diana

...for health. After having & going through a significant stroke I am still capable of a lot. I do not take that for granted. -Andrea be a new gnomie! I'm thankful that I've learned so many new things this year, which is not something everyone gets to say.  -Julie

...for my supportive friends, lap dogs who are definitely too big to be lap dogs, good thrift store finds, and one very special Aquarius. -Noah

...for everyone at Muddy's, my family, health, life, and the good I see in people everyday. -Gina be alive today and that my children, grands, and parents are still alive. I'm thankful for life and for this job. I'm so thankful to be a child of God and thank him for blessing me in all ways! -Tabitha

 ...for my family and my dogs, Marcel & Leo. And I'm thankful for BTS. -Armie have so many amazing people in my life and, more recently, to be a part of the Muddy's family.       -Dena

...for my family and my Muddys's family. And dogs. Humans don't deserve dogs. -Alyssa

Thank YOU for inviting us into your homes and celebrations these past 12 holiday seasons and beyond! We hope you feel the abundant gratitude we have for you each and everyday.

Happy Thanksgiving!