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growing pains

I would first like to say THANK YOU to all of our wonderful customers; y'all are the reason that we've survived our first year and are still in business when so many places have closed due to economic stress.

Speaking of stress, we've been booking up weekends further and further in advance and we know it's frustrating for y'all... and it probably upsets us as much as it does you. I'm in the bakery business because I need to make people happy and it's definitely your smiles that motivate all of us to keep baking, to try harder, to work later.

We're trying to fix the situation by setting up a second kitchen; when I'm not in the shop baking, I'm out scouting sites for it and buying equipment for it, etc. We're trying to get it running asap so that we can take more orders and don't have to turn anyone down.

Please keep this in mind and realize that when we say "I'm sorry, we're booked" that means that every single of the 24 hours in that day are already allocated and that we really ARE sorry to disappoint you. I promise, as soon as the back-up kitchen is going, this problem will be no more!