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guess who!

We held our annual VDay cupcake guessing game again this year and as always, it was a ton of fun!

So the deal is, we have entry forms out in the shop and folks can guess how many cupcakes we will sell out of the bakery case (excluding pre-orders) on Feb 14 and the winner is the person who gets the closest to the actual number.

The lowest guess this year was Gracie with 127 cupcakes and the highest was Megan with 50,000. Cleverest entry was Sylvia who guessed "all of them". Love it.

I am super excited with this year's winner... he got within ONE cupcake! Congratulations to Zach Hunter who guessed 3,428 cupcakes sold out of the case on VDay! Zach wins a dozen assorted cupcakes and a cherry pie- yay!

Many, many thanks to the hundreds of folks who came to the bakery on VDay, placed a pre-order, and played our game.  We LOVE having fun here and really love when y'all have fun with us.