Muddy’s Blog

Happy Thanksgiving!

As anyone who has visited our restroom can attest, we have a strong focus on gratitude here at Muddy's.

We've had another great year and we are thankful for so much this year!

-all y'all who included us in your Thanksgiving celebrations by ordering treats!

-our awesome vendors who help keep us supplied including Donnell Farms, Mike Foster, Mary Carter, Jones Orchard, Memphis Farmers' market, and more!!!

-all of our wonderful families who are so incredibly supportive and loving

-all those regulars who are so friendly and positive and who feel like family

-the press (that includes bloggers!) who have been so awesome and supportive

-God and all the amazing gifts he gives us, the experiences that teach us, and the challenges he throws our way

Personally, I am so thankful for:

-all the awesome people I get to work with every day; they are truly the most incredible, patient, awesome, kind folks out there and especially my brother Kip who is my right hand at the bake and such an amazing person

-the house T and I bought this year; I love the porch, the funky-weird kitchen, the garden-in-progress, all of it... but especially the person (and dogs) I share it with that really make it home.

-that one of my best friends, Whitney, moved back to Memphis!

-pie, delicious pie

And some staff thanks!

-"my ole cat Frisky and biscuits" -Leah

-"GI Joes, my old comfy dumfy pjs, and HAM!" -Tim

-"sweater vests and egg noodles" -Chris

-"Fallout 3, monogamy, and chicken thighs" -Janine

-"My happy light and the grandma mug" -Robyn

-"Lil fox babies, penguins, and deviled eggs" -Megan

-"My dog, sunshine, and crunchy leaves" -Karen

-"My awesome husband Chase, my adorable dogs, and my incredible family & friends" -Nicci

-"This job opportunity and incredible coworkers" -Glen

-"Isabel, Paige, friends, coworkers, & silly cats!" -Lindye

-"Everybody" -Mark

-"Awesome job, more awesome coworkers, friends and family" -Kathleen

-"Friends, family, fantastic people I work with, Gary Oldman." -Jarrod

-"For everyone for making Muddy's feel like home to me and not just like the new person! Thanks everyone!" -Agoud

-"For every road that led me to exactly where I am & everyone who has loved me along the way. And Harry Potter." -Sara

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!! Thanks for making our year so great and enriching our lives so much. Have a great weekend and we'll see you on Tuesday! XOXO!